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Ever stuck when it comes to knowing what skin care should work for you? Not sure which routine you should follow? Need some inspiration to find our favourites from the latest brands... here's your answers with the Jersey Beauty Co. Blog!
The face serums you need in your 50s

How could a face serum help your skin in your 50s? Read more and find out the best face serums for women over 50

Are your dead skin cells making your face look older?

What are skin cells and how can your skin care routine help get rid of dead skin cells on your ageing skin for optimum skin health? Read now.

Six easy steps for how to keep tight skin on your face

As you age, your skin naturally starts to lose its firmness. What can you do to treat sagging skin and to keep tight skin on your face? Read now for 6 easy steps.

The top 10 surprising reasons behind your dull and tired skin...

Are you fed up of having dull and tired skin? Find out the surprising causes and the skincare products that may be able to help. Read now.

Put To The Test: How Good Are Lip Creams At Getting Rid of Fine Lines Around the Mouth?

When it comes to knowing how to get rid of fine lines around the mouth, we thought the best plan was to put 6 of the top lip creams to the test! Read now.

Is it Possible to Improve Skin’s Elasticity?

Do skin elasticity creams really work? What causes a loss of elasticity and what can you actually do? Read now.

5 Reasons You Should Use a Night Cream for Ageing Skin

What happens to your ageing skin as you sleep? And how could a night cream help to repair and renew your ageing skin?

Introducing Dermalogica's Skin Smoothing Cream

Skin Smoothing Cream has been Dermalogica’s number one moisturiser for many years, in fact it was part of the original line up when the brand was created and launched in 1986. Now, with over 30 years at the top, it’s had a face lift! We caught up with Victoria Schofield, Dermalogica’s Education Executive to find out what’s changed with our favourite cream.

Battle of the salon brands for treating ageing skin problems

Why choose salon brands for your ageing skin care? And what are the best choices? We review our favourites.

Why everyone is putting urea in moisturisers for dry skin…

Urea - how much do you know about this power ingredient in skin moisturisers? And could it be the answer for your dry skin concerns? Read now.

Is this 42 movement massage the key to younger looking skin?

Read this to discover how facial massage can help to tighten aging skin for happy, healthy skin.

Do French Pharmacies Hold the Best Skin Care Products for Ageing Skin?

We take a look inside a French pharmacy to see what we can learn about the best skin care products for our ageing skin. Read now.

Age Like a French Women (Without Breaking the Budget)

What can French women teach us about how to care for our ageing skin and the process? Read now.

The Best Face Masks for Acne Prone Skin

What can face masks do for your acne prone skin? And which are the best for clogged pores and oily skin? We choose out favourites.

Beauty Therapist guide to treat open pores: skin care suggestions and DIY home remedies

Everything you need to know about open pores and the skincare tips you need to treat your skin.

The Green Tea Skin Routine You Should Be Using in Your 20s

Did you know that green tea is not only great as a drink but is also a great skincare ingredient? Find out more.

Everything you need to know about aloe vera and your oily skin concerns

When it comes to treating your oily skin, is aloe vera a good choice? Everything you need to know, including how to use it direct from the plant.

Everything You Need to Know About Building a Skin Care Routine For Combination Skin

Do you have combination skin? Read this for everything you need to know about how to build a skin care routine for your unique skin.

10 Things (Most) People Will Get Wrong About Dehydrated and Combination Skin in Colder Weather

The cold weather is set to be with us a while longer. Sorry for you sun lovers, but it’s true! Colder weather means changes to your wardrobe, and probably your makeup… but maybe you should consider changing your skincare routine too! Especially if you have dehydrated and combination skin.

Everything You Need To Know About Free Radicals and Your Ageing Skin

So free radicals… you’ve likely seen those words before…maybe in blogs and articles about your skin. Maybe even on skincare products. But exactly what are free radicals? How can they damage your ageing skin? Are they just a marketing myth? We’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about free radicals and your ageing skin, with the help of a skin therapist Victoria.

Which exfoliator is right for me?

Beth chats to Dermalogica Education Executive Victoria, about which Dermalogica exfoliant is right for different skin types.

Dermalogica wars: which facial scrub exfoliator is best for your youthful glow?

Exfoliation should be a key part of any regular skincare routine. Especially as you age! This is because exfoliation gets rid of dead cells and grime that sit on top of your skin, encouraging your cells to renew.

Are The Wrinkles On Your Face Really Caused By Ageing?

The best way to treat fine lines and wrinkles is to KNOW what’s causing your wrinkles and then use the right product accordingly.

10 Beauty Therapist Rules for Taking Care of Ageing Skin

Skincare products specially formulated for ageing skin are increasingly popular. Why is this? As your skin ages the skin’s structure changes and this can cause changes to how your skin looks. So how can you best take care of your ageing skin? We asked two beauty therapists and a skin care scientist to tell us more.

Could This Be Behind What’s Causing Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Ageing Skin on Your Face?

Could technology be the reason your skin is prematurely ageing? Find out how blue light could be behind your fine lines and wrinkles and what can help.

Meet the edible product that protects your skin from free radicals!

Take a closer look at free radicals - what they are, how they cause ageing skin and how a brand new totally natural skincare range could be the answer for your skin.

The Dermalogica Skin Therapist Guide to Understanding Blackheads

Blackheads… what do you need to know? And how should you treat your skin to get rid of dead skin cells and excess oil? Read now.

10 Things Every Teen and Twenty-Something Should Know About Breakouts and Acne Prone Skin

Do you suffer from breakouts or have acne prone skin? Would you like to have a clear complexion? When it comes to treating breakouts and acne prone skin, knowledge is power!

Why it's Important to Use a Gentle Cleanser for Breakouts

Picture the scene… you’re a few days away from that big night out... or that all important first date… or that important presentation at work. You wake up… look in the mirror… and there it is - the start of a breakout.

MYTH BUSTER: What nobody understands about skin firming and loss of elasticity

One of the questions we get asked most is: how do I get firmer skin/stop my skin from getting saggy?

7 Skin Therapist Tips for Treating Clogged, Open Pores

One of the biggest skin concerns we get asked about is how to treat open, clogged pores. While breakouts can be frustrating, they can at least feel temporary. Clogged pores can feel, for some of us, like they are a permanent part of our skin! But that doesn’t have to be the case.

6 Best Skincare Products For Breakouts

Those of us who suffer from breakouts and oily skin are always looking for skincare products that really address our skin concerns. But what are the best skincare products for acne prone and oily skin?

Summer glow: safest ways to get an even tan this season

How safe are our tanning habits? Is it possible to get a healthy summer glow without putting our skin at risk? We decided to find out more about the best way to get an even tan.

Ageing skin: the best cleansers and make-up removers for any skin type

When it comes to ageing, the first thing to say is that your skin changes over time. So the type of skin you have and how it reacts to products in your twenties or thirties may not be the same in your fifties.

Amazing Skincare Ingredient Technology - Featuring Salicylic Acid - Deals With Breakouts in 15 Minutes

What a lot of people don’t know is that there skincare ingredient technology that actually will rapidly fix spots in just 15 minutes. And that Dermalogica have combined this TT technology with salicylic acid in their breakout clearing product.

Found: 3 of the best serums for rosacea and sensitivity

It’s probably one of the skin conditions that gets talked about least. It can also be hard to treat, and get you down. So finding a solution for rosacea that works for you is important for your skin health, self-confidence and your mental well being.

The key to looking younger: 10 Questions about caring for ageing skin

You are beautiful at every age and we embrace the natural process of ageing. But premature ageing as a result of pollution, the environment, free radicals and the way you care for your skin is not OK.

Evening skincare routine: the anti-ageing night cream that helps you sleep

Ever wondered why they call it beauty sleep? Your skin actually works really hard while you’re sleeping. Sleep is super important for your skin and so is a great evening skin care routine to prepare for sleep.

Organic skincare for your skin type - dry, oily, ageing skin

We took a look at some common skin concerns to see how organic ingredients may be able to help address the underlying issues and concerns. Happy skin, happy you!

Have you been introduced to Dermalogica's Blackhead Clearing Fizz Masque and Breakout Clearing Booster?

If you struggle with blackheads and breakouts, Dermalogica's Blackhead Clearing Fizz Masque and Breakout Clearing Booster are two products you will definitely want in your skincare collection!

This ingredient heals acne scars, according to top scientist and plastic surgeon

Sound too good to be true? That’s exactly what the plastic surgeon and scientist duo who discovered it thought too! But this amazing ingredient is transforming the skincare of people across the globe. To understand more, let’s go back to basics.

This is more than your average bright, healthy glow. This is a Dermalogica glow.

In a market that is saturated with lies and phoney products, Dermalogica wanted to prove their integrity by creating a product with numerous, exceptional ingredients.

Could This Be the Best Vitamin C Serum for Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

As we age, our skin undergoes structural changes that affect its appearance. These changes can be broken down into 2 categories.

3 Ways Vitamin C Resolves Hyperpigmentation and Scarring

The good news is, Biolumin C Serum is the perfect treatment for the following types of hyperpigmentation:

Not All Vitamin C’s Are Equal: One Serum to Rival them All

Dermalogica have just launched a brand new product - Age Smart Biolumin C Serum - a vitamin C serum to rival all other brands.

5 Reasons to Try Dermalogica’s Age Smart Biolumin-C Serum

Firstly, if you haven't yet added vitamin C to your skincare routine - where have you been?! You, my friend, are about to make one of the biggest skin health discoveries of your life to date. The rule: invest in a good, vitamin C serum and you can ditch make up, stop worrying about wrinkles and enjoy skin that is firm and bright. Supple, some might say.

The Real Reason You’re Afraid to Use a Skin Toner

Skin toners have changed. But many of us still remember the old sticky, stinging facial toning lotions. We give you the lowdown on all our skin toners.

23 Apr 2018
Open Pores - Everything You Need to Know

What are open pores? Why does my skin have pores? How can I treat them? Tips for the skin? Read our blog post to find out the answers.

Spots and Adult Acne - Everything You Need To Know

What are spots & adult acne? Why do I have spots & adult acne? How can I treat it? Tips for the skin? Read our blog post to find out the answers.

So, Oils DON’T Make Skin Oily?

Face oils are not in any way similar to sebum. Sebum is naturally moisturising for your skin BUT if you produce too much sebum, your pores will be clogged.

What Causes Open Pores on Your Face and How Can You Reduce Them?

Pores are a crucial part of everyone's skin! Read on to discover what causes open pores on your ace and how you can reduce them.

Lizzie's Story: 5 Step Skin Routine to Hydrate Skin Post-Exercise

Get top tips from busy mum and business owner Lizzie, on how to keep your winter skin hydrated, post-exercise with Dermalogica.

Marita's Story: 6 Rules For Healthy Skin if You Go to The Gym

Seasoned gym goer Marita has 6 tried and tested rules for healthy skin if you go to the gym. Read more.

Hannah's Story: 6 Ways to Get Fit Skin

Find out why busy mum Hannah is saying ditch the fad diet & focus on skincare for a fit year. Keeping your skin fit is about keeping 5 habits for 365 days.

4 Steps For Finding The Perfect Skin Care Serum

Whether you’re looking for a rejuvenating serum, a brightening serum or a serum to treat a skin concern, find out how to choose the right serum for you.

See How Easily You Can Prepare Sensitive Skin For Cold Weather

The seasons are changing. Should you be changing your face care for the seasons? We ask two Dermalogica therapists for their advice.

Dermalogica Precleanse Balm Live Launch (Live)

We chat to skin therapist Victoria about the new Dermalogica Precleanse Balm on the launch day, getting answers to all of your questions on this new product.

Why Not Try Dermalogica’s Precleanse Balm? Step zero in your age defence treatment

How can Dermalogica Precleanse Balm help in protecting your skin against premature ageing in your 30’s and 40’s? How does it work? We find out more.

Precleanse Balm Step Zero for Achieving Healthy Skin

If your skin has dry patches, flare ups or breakouts, how do you get the most out of your cleanser? By adding in Step Zero -Dermalogica Precleanse Balm reviewed

What Are Your Spots and Blemishes Trying to Tell You?

It’s not just as simple as applying pimple cream. There are different types of acne -we look into the truth about acne to find the best treatment for your skin.

Which Dermalogica Moisturiser Should I Use?

Getting moisturising right is a key to healthy skin. Find out what Dermalogica face moisturiser you should be using and how to apply for the best results.

Who Else Wants to Find the Perfect Dermalogica Exfoliant?

Facial exfoliators can be a key part of a regular skincare routine. A Dermalogica Expert explains how to choose the right Exfoliant for your individual skin?

Active Ingredients: What Are They, Do You Need Them?

Quality skin care products cost more. That’s a fact. Why? What are active ingredients and why do they provide the best skin care?

How to Boost Your Self Esteem and Radiate Confidence At Any Age

You are unique - so is your skin! We want to help you to be full of confidence! Boost your self esteem by understanding your skin at every age and stage of life

These are The Beauty Products New Mums Use Everyday

During pregnancy everything changes… so it’s no surprise your skin care needs are likely changing. But what products are best to use during pregnancy?

The Review Corner: Overnight Retinol Repair for Sagging Skin, Fine Lines and Wrinkles

It’s said that retinol can reduce wrinkle depth by 15%. We test Dermalogica’s Overnight Retinol Repair to find out why everyone is talking about it.

3 Skin Routines from a Guinot Therapist

Guinot therapist Nicola takes us through skin routines for dry skin, ageing skin and brighter skin, introducing us to products from Guinot and Mary Cohr.

The Science Behind Your Uneven Skin Tone with Health and Beauty Formulator Chris Smith

We look at the science behind instant coverage of uneven skin tone and blemishes. How can we best care for uneven skin tones?

Beauty Therapist Reveal: Softening Fine, Dehydration Lines is Easier Than You Think

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by far more than just natural ageing. Understanding how dehydration causes fine lines will help us know to treat our skin.

Why Mary Cohr is the Beauty Brand You Need For Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Understanding what causes deepening fine lines and wrinkles, beyond the natural process of ageing, is the key to treating your ageing skin.

How to Start a Skin Routine With Dermalogica's Age Smart Range

Dermalogica Age Smart - a range for ageing skin with smart ingredients, from a company who want to help us to get smart about our ageing skin.

The Ultimate JBC Product For Menopausal and Sun Damaged Skin

You need products developed for the unique challenges your skin is facing now. Find out how Guniot Creme Age Summum can help your skin in your 50's.

Get Rid of Dark Under-Eye Circles with THIS Dermalogica Product

We chatted to skin therapist Emma about stress, common eye concerns & how Dermalogica’s Stress Positive Eye Lift can help you & whether it's the best for dark circles.

A Beauty Therapist Guide: Is Your Skin Dehydrated or Dry?

An introduction to the differences between dehydrated skin and dry skin and what can be done to improve the skin’s health for both conditions.

How To Determine Your Skin Type (Without Paying to See a Beauty Therapist)

You may identify with all four skin types. That is why skin analysis tools are important to help you respond to all your skin’s current needs.

A Beginners Guide to Guinot For 30’s and 40’s Skin

Run by chemists, Guinot explore the science behind the products – how we can use what science tells us about our skin to treat it better.

3 Truths About Hormones and Skin Problems in Your 30's and 40's

Understanding how changing hormones affect our skin can help us to look after our skin better.

The 3 Best Ways to Soften Fine Lines and Wrinkles

We chatted to skin therapist Christine about how we can protect our skin against wrinkles deepening really fast, and how we can smooth fine lines.

The ABC of Vitamins That Are Good For Your Skin

Read the ABC of vitamins that are good for your skin, why we need them and the kinds of products we could find them in.

Loss of Elasticity - Everything You Need to Know

What is Loss of Elasticity? Why is my skin losing its elasticity? How can I treat it? Tips for the skin? Read our blog post to find out the answers.

Dull and Tired Skin - Everything You Need to Know

What does dull and tired skin look like? Why is my skin dull and tired? How can I treat it? Tips for the skin? Read our blog post to find out the answers.

Uneven Skin Tone - Everything You Need to Know

What is uneven skin tone? What causes uneven skin tone? How can I treat it? Tips for the skin? Read our blog post to find out the answers.

Lines and Wrinkles - Everything You Need to Know

What are wrinkles? Why do we get fine lines and wrinkles? How can I treat it? Tips for the skin? Read our blog post to find out the answers

Oily Skin - Everything You Need To Know

What is oily skin? Why is my skin oily? How can I treat it? Tips for the skin? Read our blog post to find out the answers.

Dark Under Eye Circles - Everything You Need To Know

What are dark under eye circles? Why do I have dark circles? How can I treat it? Tips for the skin? Read our blog post to find out the answers.

Tightness and Dehydration - Everything You Need to Know

What is dehydrated skin? Why is my skin dehydrated? How can I treat it? Tips for the skin? Read our blog post to find out the answers.

Redness and Sensitivity - Everything You Need To Know

What is sensitive skin? Why is my skin sensitive? How can I treat it? Tips for the skin? Read our blog post to find out the answers.

Great Skin at Any Age

Whether you're in your early 20’s or late 50’s, the trick to ageing well is simple: you must get to grips with how your skin and body functions over time.

Dry Skin - Everything You Need To Know

What is dry skin? Why is my skin dry? How can I treat it? Tips for the skin? Read our blog post to find out the answers.

How a JBC Skin Therapist Deals With Menopausal Skin

Menopause is a natural transition all women go through. How do we care for our skin during menopause? We explore products with Guinot therapist Jodie.

The Lowdown on Nightly Lip Treatment

We need to give our lip area some special attention, let’s have a look at the Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment. We tested it out and here's our experience!

5 of the Best Dermalogica Cleansers Reviewed

We chatted to Dermalogica therapist Jane, about Dermalogica’s “Double Cleanse” advice and for her help in reviewing five of the best cleansers from Dermalogica.

Ask a Scientist: What Do Parabens Do For My Skin?

Everyone is talking about parabens. But what are they? What do they do? Are they a bad thing? Do we need to be worried?

Sun Protection Creams: 5 Things a Scientist and a Skin Therapist Need You to Know

We asked scientist Chris, and skin therapist Jane, for their top five tips on choosing the right sun protection. Read our blog post and find out more!

Fragrance-Free Products and Sensitive Skin: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know

Find out more about fragrance-free, what we need to be looking for in products, and how we recognise and care for sensitive skin with Chris Smith, from Personal Care Magazine.

How Guinot’s Age Logic Cellulaire Can Soften Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Find out more about this vital cream to slow the ageing process of skin cells and how to decide whether a premium skin product is right for you.

Guinot Newhite Skincare Line

Guinot Training and Development Executive Nicola Pringle talks about Newhite Skincare Line, a vast array of products to treat pigmentation.

Guinot Longue Vie Yeux

Guinot Training and Development Executive Nicola Pringle talks about Longue Vie Yeux, Guinot's answer to anti-aging around the eye.

Guinot Age Logic Yeux

Guinot Training and Development Executive Nicola Pringle talks about Age Logic Yeux, an anti-aging everyday eye cream.

Guinot Hydra Tendre

Guinot Training and Development Executive Nicola Pringle talks about Hydra Tendre, a cleansing creme.