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The Lowdown on us - Everything you need to know about skincare and shopping with Jersey Beauty Company

A massive Jersey Beauty Hello To All Of Our Remarkable Family!

We wanted to give you an insight into who we are. We think it’s important that you know who you are getting skin education and products from. First off, we are far more than just an eShop. We are passionate about skincare and we love our Jersey family. We are also passionate about skin education.

We work really hard to give no nonsense skin education to you. We think it’s really important so you can make wise and informed skin care choices for your one-of-a-kind skin!

In fact, we believe wholeheartedly that you are individual and should be celebrated as such. This is why we made it our mission to celebrate Happy Remarkable You.

Here’s a copy of our ‘Happy Remarkable You creed’. You’ll find it printed on our boxes. We love it because it reminds us why we do what we do.

We believe in Happy Remarkable You: a beautiful human being, beyond compare.

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We believe you are significant regardless of age, skin type and body shape.

Unashamed, you can shake off beauty-industry standards, knowing that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

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We believe you have a unique human spark that separates you from the rest.

(Even if you haven’t discovered it yet.)

Though your skin will change & time will turn, you will always be astonishing.

There is more to you than you know.

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We believe you should be met with joy and wonder, in great measure.

Life is better with added smiles.

It’s our mission to show you what it feels like to be celebrated for who you are. Every. Single. Day.

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The Order Process

Simply choose which products you’d like to buy and add them to your Jersey basket. Our helpful Live Chat is on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have. You can browse via brand, category or skin concern. (Handy tip: don’t forget to check out our Jersey Offers page!) Once you’ve added everything you want to your basket, click ‘continue securely.’ You will be taken to a page where you can choose your samples and place your order. Our happy warehouse superstars will print and pack your order swiftly, top it up with biodegradable popcorn to keep it packaged nice and tightly and it will be with you once Royal Mail or your chosen delivery service whizz it through the system!

Dermalogica Samples

Did we mention our amazing Samples?

Here at Jersey Beauty we want you to be happy with your purchase. We know that spending money on products you’ve not used before is a guessing game sometimes. That’s why we offer a really handy sample service to give you the chance to try a product before you buy it.

If you’ve never ordered with us before and want to try before you buy, you can get upto 6 samples per packet and they’re all free - you just pay the postage.

Alternatively you can order your regular Dermalogica or Guinot products and choose up to 6 free samples. So if you’re purchasing one Dermalogica product, you can choose 3 samples and if you order two or more Dermalogica products, you’ll be able to choose 6! For Guinot products you’ll receive 3 free samples. It’s a great way to try before you buy and we know that our samples are loved by our customers and prospective Jersey buyers alike.



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We'll pack your products using 100% Biodegradable Popcorn.

Your order will be packed lovingly by our superstar Jersey team, and sprinkled with biodegradable popcorn to keep it safe enroute to you! It’s our environmentally savvy way to look after the earth using less plastic and it looks pretty and fun!

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6 Steps to Healthy, Happy, Remarkable Skin

When it comes to healthy skin, it starts with healthy skincare habits. We get that can be confusing. There are so many products to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start! That’s why we follow the 6 Steps to Healthy, Happy Remarkable Skin. To create these steps we talked to skin therapists to understand what our skin truly needs for health.

Here are the 6 steps:

Cleansers Everything You Need To Know About Skincare And Shopping With Jersey Beauty Company 19

STEP ONE: Double Cleanse

If you're new to the term double cleanse, you might be forgiven for thinking we mean cleanse AM and PM. Actually it’s more than that - double cleansing is actually all about thorough cleansing. So we say double cleanse in the AM and the PM… so technically it’s 4 cleanses a day!

The first cleanse is ideally an oil-based cleanser to get rid of makeup and surface oil and dirt - rinsing away the bad stuff.

The second cleanse works at cleaning deeply into the pores. Your second cleanser should be with a specific cleanser that works for your skin type to address your skin issues.


Exfoliators Everything You Need To Know About Skincare And Shopping With Jersey Beauty Company 20

STEP TWO: Exfoliate

Want a healthy glow to your skin? You NEED to exfoliate! When we exfoliate it gets rids of dead skin cells from the top layer of our skin. If you skip this step you may start to notice flaky or dull looking patches of skin. A word of warning on exfoliation though - you need to choose the right exfoliator for your skin type and choose how often works to use on your skin. Over-exfoliation can actually stimulate excess oil production.


Toners Everything You Need To Know About Skincare And Shopping With Jersey Beauty Company 21


Some of us avoid toners because we have a memory of astringent toners to remove residue of cleansers. But skincare has come a long way and skincare therapists say your toner should address your skin issues and be for your skin type.


Boosters Everything You Need To Know About Skincare And Shopping With Jersey Beauty Company 23


Skin health is about a lot more than just what we can see. You need to get health and good stuff to the deeper layers for great skin health. Serums, oils and boosters all work to supercharge the effects of your regular skin care products. Plus, they can penetrate deep into the skin’s layers, to encourage your clearest complexion and radiant skin!


Sun Protection Everything You Need To Know About Skincare And Shopping With Jersey Beauty Company 22

STEP FIVE: Sun protection

If you’re looking out of the window thinking it’s not even sunny… you still need sun protection! What often happens is in the summer months, we all know how important it is to apply sunscreen, so we do so to protect our skin from getting burnt by the sun’s UVB rays. But what a lot of us don’t realise is, the sun’s UVA rays damage the skins cells daily, causing a loss of firmness and elasticity. Make sure you are protected against both UVA and UVB rays, even when it doesn’t look sunny outside.


Moisturisers Everything You Need To Know About Skincare And Shopping With Jersey Beauty Company 24

STEP SIX - Moisturise

Whatever your skin type you need to moisturise. We know that if you have oily skin it can be tempting to skip the moisturiser - you may feel like anything extra on your skin can only cause more harm. But actually choosing the right moisturiser is key for every skin type to be healthy. Moisturisers not only lock hydration into the skin, but they also can be packed full of amazing active ingredients to give your skin the nutrients it needs. Choose a moisturiser for your unique skin concerns.


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Skin Concerns

Your skin is as unique as you! But there are a number of common skin concerns that Jersey Beauty customers ask us about. You may have more than one of these skin concerns or may have different concerns at different times. Your skin can change over time and due to hormones, stress, lifestyle or other factors.

Here’s a list of some of the top skin concerns we get asked about and a good place for starting to deal with them.

Pregnant Woman Circle 17


During pregnancy, you can expect skin changes. In fact, 90% of women experience changes to their skin during pregnancy. This is because of hormone levels changing and surging! This is all totally natural but can be frustrating! Especially when you may not be sure which products it is OK to use and which you should avoid.

Common skin concerns during pregnancy and post-partum include:

  • Dry patches - particularly after giving birth when your skin needs some extra help to get the nourishment it needs
  • Oily skin and acne- your sebaceous glands are often on overtime producing excess oil
  • Uneven skin tone (often known as pregnancy mask) - this may be hyperpigmentation or redness like rosacea
  • Redness and flushing - your blood volume actually increases by 50% so that pregnancy glow really is a thing!

What to look for in skincare:

There are some ingredients you will need to avoid. For example you will need to ditch any retinol products while you are pregnant. You will also need to avoid harsh atrigents or exfoliators as your skin may be more sensitive. You can always ask us at Jersey Beauty for specific advice. You should focus on gentle products that give your skin back its good stuff! You should also make sure you use sun protection to guard against sun damage during pregnancy.

Oily Skin Circle Close Up 17

Oily skin

Your skin produces oil. That’s a good thing! Oil from your skin’s sebaceous glands is naturally excreted through your pores. This moisturises your skin and rids the deeper layers of bad bacteria. The problem comes when your sebaceous glands overproduce oil. This leads to the pores getting clogged up and bacteria getting stuck in there. Dead skin cells and pollutants can also get trapped in excess oil on top of the skin. Oily skin can lead to breakouts, excess shine, blackheads and can contribute to acne.

You need skincare that:

  • Effectively removes excess oil. Look for oil based cleansers - oil attracts oil and can cleanse your skin more effectively.
  • Doesn’t dry out your skin - harsh astringents can actually take away too much oil, which can have the effect of making your sebaceous glands work even harder! Beware of overusing products with salicylic acid for example, as this can dry out oily skin.
  • Cleanses deeply - if you don’t already, get onto double cleansing! The first cleanse can remove the surface oil and dirt, paving the way for the second cleanse to get deep into the pores and clean skin thoroughly.
  • Provides SPF Protection - don’t avoid the SPF because it feels like putting extra oil on top of your skin. Find an oil free SPF that protects and doesn’t clog up your skin.
  • Regulates oil production - products with active ingredients that work to regulate oil production can help to restore the skin’s natural balance.
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Blackheads happen when oil gets trapped in your pores or hair follicles. This can make your pores appear enlarged, especially if this type of breakout affects your otherwise healthy complexion. Blackheads are often the result of excess oil being produced (see oily skin!) and may be in an isolated area, like the nose or chin.

You need skincare that:

  • Cleanses deeply - choosing to double cleanse is a good place to start!
  • Draws out the dirt and bacteria in the pores - using masks and cleansers that have active ingredients to draw out dirt and the bad bacteria can help to get rid of blackheads
  • Regulates oil production - for longer term skincare find a product that helps to regulate oil production. Beware of products that claim to reduce the size of pores - often enlarged pores are genetic and a sign of ageing…blackheads don’t have to be!

Acne around jaw

Acne around the jaw can actually be a sign of dehydration. When your skin lacks enough water in the epidermis, it can struggle to get rid of excess oil and dirt in the pores. This can pool in the area around the jaw causing angry, sore spots and acne.

You need skincare that:

  • Exfoliates the skin - getting rid of dead skin cells and excess oil that has gathered can help to clear skin and reduce bacteria
  • Hydrates the skin - hyaluronic acid is a brilliant active ingredient that locks in moisture and helps your skin to be healthy and work to its optimum
  • Deeply cleanses - you need to use skincare products that cleanse both the surface of the skin and also deep into the pores to declog and rebalance the skin

Sensitive skin

Some of us might have truly sensitive skin - that’s skin that has always been sensitive and will always be a skin concern you have. Many others of us experience sensitivity at times, for many different reasons. Hormones, the environment, stress and lifestyle changes can cause sensitivity, as can using products that react with your skin.

Sensitivity can be redness, irritation and breakouts and may be hot to the touch. The key to treating sensitivity is getting what is behind those symptoms. When the acid mantle or lipid barrier - that’s the layer on top of the skin that protects the deeper layers - is impaired then pollutants and irritated can get to the deeper layers, like the stratum corneum. This causes irritation which can mean redness, breakouts and heat.

What to look for in skincare:

You need skincare that:

  • Repairs and rebuilds the acid mantle / lipid barrier - the focus of your skin should be on rebuilding that lipid barrier, so products that are rich in active ingredients that work to restore that layer.
  • Exfoliates the skin gently - a common mistake for those with sensitivity is to avoid exfoliating but a part of repairing the lipid barrier is getting rid of the dead skin cells that stop this process. Choose a gentle exfoliator that works to cleanse the pores deeply to guard against breakouts.
  • Isn’t always fragrance free - we often find those of you with sensitive skin look for fragrance-free products exclusively. Sometimes this can limit your choice of amazing products that are specially formulated for sensitive skin. Essential oils are fragrance free but can be as irritating to skin. Try samples of products if you are worried about having a reaction and ask for advice when needed!
Cleanser Sensitive Skin Woman Face Wash 17

Dehydrated Skin and Fine Lines

This skin concern can often be overlooked or confused with dry skin. Dehydrated skin is where you skin lacks water. You may have noticed your skin feeling tight, looking dull and even hollow. That’s because water in the epidermis keeps the skin looking bright and plump. The answer for dehydrated skin isn’t drinking more water necessarily but getting water to the skin.

You need skincare that:

  • Has hyaluronic acid - the amazing ingredient for hydration holds up to a thousand times its weight in water, locking in hydration
  • Exfoliates the skin - getting rid of the dead skin cells and dirt on the skin will help to renew cells and restore radiance

Dry or Flaky Skin

Dry skin is a common skin concern, it is where your skin lacks oil. This has an impact on the lipid barrier or acid mantle - that’s the layer on top of your skin that protects the deeper layers from pollutant and irritants. This is made up of skin cells and lipids. When you have dry skin, the lipids (oil) that act as a glue for the cells are lacking. This is why you get flaky skin patches. You also can experience redness and irritation as the barrier is impaired and so lets in those irritants that affect the lower layers of skin.

You need skincare that:

  • Helps to repair the lipid barrier - there are lots of products that are about barrier repair and protection, full of active ingredients to help with this process.
  • Soothes and protects your skin -dry skin can get irritated and sensitive. Choose products with gentle calming ingredients.
  • Exfoliate gently - to get rid of the dead skin cells that cause flaky skin you need to use an exfoliator but also products that soothe and repair the skin at the same time.

Ageing Prematurely

At Jersey Beauty we love our ageing skin. Natural wrinkles and fine lines are perfectly normal and should be celebrated because your skin is beautiful at every age! However, signs of premature ageing are signs that your skin isn’t as healthy as it could be. Deepening lines and wrinkles, sagging and hollow looking skin are all signs of premature ageing.

Premature ageing of the skin can be caused by diet, sun damage, free radicals from the environment, stress, lifestyle, smoking or even dehydration.

You need skincare that:

  • Has SPF to protect the skin - UV rays attack the collagen and elastin under the skin leaving it without as much elasticity or plumpness. Protecting your skin can help prevent this damage.
  • Protects against free radicals - caused by pollutants that get into the skin and attack the collagen and elastin free radicals damage can be combated with ingredients like Vitamin E and C, which are antioxidants.
  • Puts goodness back in - products that hydrate the skin and have active ingredients that put goodness back into prematurely ageing skin can help to restore plumpness and elasticity.
Older Woman Circle Glow 12

50’s skin

As you age your skin naturally changes. One thing that you may notice in your 50s is that your cells don’t renew as quickly. Combine this with the fact during menopause you lose at least 30% of your collagen (that’s the stuff that keeps your skin looking plump) you may start to notice your skin sagging and looking hollow, with deeper lines and wrinkles forming.

You need skincare that:

  • Stimulates cell production - products with active ingredients to promote collagen production and cell renewal
  • Is developed for ageing skin - your skin will benefit from certain minerals and vitamins. Ranges like Dermalogica AGE Smart are packed full of ingredients for your 50’s skin.
Circle Acne Spot Mirror Woman 17

Clogged Pores

When your skin produces excess oil from the sebaceous glands, this can get trapped in the pores, along with bacteria, dirt and other pollutants. This can clog up pores which can in turn lead to blackheads and breakouts.

You need skincare that:

  • Cleanses deeply - as well as cleaning the surface of your skin, use a second cleanser that penetrates deeply to clean out pores
  • Has salicylic acid - this astringent can help to get deep into the pores to clean more effectively and can also help to contract enlarged pores. It is worth noting that enlarged pores are often genetic and a result of ageing. You may have enlarged pores but they don’t have to be clogged up!
  • Regulates oil production - choose skincare that regulates that excess oil production to avoid future clogging of pores.


This is a medical condition that has symptoms like redness and flushing that doesn’t go away, visible blood vessels under the skin, breakouts in red areas and irritation.

You need skincare that:

  • Is gentle - the last thing you want is to further irritate those areas of skin
  • Reduces redness - with active ingredients to soothe and lessen redness of the skin
Teenager Smile Girl Circle 17

Teen skin

As with any time of changing hormones, your skin may start to react differently and over or under produce oil. You need to make sure you are using products that are gentle enough for young skin but that also effectively deal with breakouts or sensitivity. Dermalogica Clear Start is a great place to start for teen skin. As your skin is still learning to regulate oil production and cell renewal, be careful not to overdo skincare products.


The skin around your eyes looks and is different to the rest of your face. It is thinner and more delicate and so needs products specially formulated for the delicate eye area. Depending on your age, this may be to deal with eye bags, dark circles or lines and wrinkles. You can find a number of products specially for the eyes. Try to avoid using generic face products as this can cause irritation and have an adverse effect.

Spots on décolleté

It can be really easy to neglect the neck area when you are completing your daily skincare routine. But this area needs as much attention, often dirt and bacteria can gather during the day. Make sure you extend your skincare routine down to the neck. You can also get specific products aimed at this area for added moisture.

Holding Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant 04

A few words on some popular ranges…

We get asked a LOT of questions about some of our most popular ranges. So we just wanted to give you some info about those skincare ranges that get the most attention:

Age Smart Range Square 29

Age Smart Range

Dermalogica have created this range specifically for ageing skin. It addresses three chemical reactions that occur within the skin as it ages that cause damage to the deeper layers of the skin and cause premature ageing:

  • Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), - this is more commonly known as free radicals damage.
  • Activation of metalloproteinase enzymes (Matrix Metalloproteinases or MMPs) - this is a process that happens all of the time, but as you age natural MMP inhibitors decrease so the AGE Smart range includes active ingredients like retinol that do this job
  • Glycation leading to Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) - Glycation is what happens when sugar molecules meet proteins. This creates AGEs which attack the collagen in the skin and can cause hollow or sagging skin. AGE Smart products have active ingredients to help fight against AGEs.


Ultracalming Range Square 30

Ultracalming Range

Dermalogica have created the Ultracalming range to deal with sensitivity. With an Ultracalming Complex consisting of:

  • Avena Sativa (Oat Kernel) extract - with natural anti-irritant and anti-redness properties
  • •Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Extract and Bisabolol (derived from Chamomile)- to reduce inflammation and irritation.
  • •Boerhavia Diffusa (Red Hogweed) Root Extract - promotes the production of natural anti-inflammatory agents in the skin.

This range also addresses the impaired lipid barrier that is a large cause of sensitivity and irritation. It is a range that helps to soothe the skin, whilst gently protecting and cleansing.


Suncare Range Square 32

Sun Protection/ High UV Creams

We get lots of questions about sun protection creams. We have a wide range, depending on your unique skin and the SPF you would like. You can choose a booster, that can be added to your moisturizer, for daily protection. Or a moisturiser with built-in SPF, with options up to SPF50. Or a dedicated sunscreen - we have options for different skin types, with oily skin needed a less oil-based sunscreen and sensitive skin favouring a sunscreen specially formulated for that skin type.


Moisturiser Range 31

Best moisturiser

This is a question we get asked a lot! The answer is it depends on your unique skin and your skin concerns. We have a wide range of choices and if you get stuck you can always get some free samples to find the best moisturiser for your skin!


Delivery - Getting Your Products (And What To Do If You Don’t)

Here are some of the key questions we are asked about delivery times.

There is a product missing from my order, what should I do?

We’re really sorry this has happened! Let us know as soon as you can so we can fix what’s gone wrong! You can call or email us so we can put things right. If you have an item missing from your order then we will arrange a dispatch of your missing items as an absolute priority TODAY so you should have it within your hands in a day or so.

My product hasn't arrived yet, can you chase it up please?

There’s two options:

If your parcel was tracked - get in touch and we can try and find where it’s got to!

If your parcel wasn’t tracked - sadly the postal service is sometimes slower than we would like and parcels turn up a little later. But we will re-send your parcel after 15 days UK, 20 days EU or 25 days rest of Europe, or if we receive it back into our warehouse.

my order had the wrong address on and has been returned to you. What do I do now?

As soon as you give us the new address, we can change our system and re-send out your order to you with lots of Jersey love.

I thought my samples would be tubes not sachets

We don’t make the sachets - they come directly from the brands. So the Guinot samples come in tubes but the Dermalogica ones are in sachet form.

I have received different samples to the ones I requested

Sometimes we run out of samples at Jersey HQ and rather than keep you waiting or be disappointed… we add a replacement option. If this isn’t OK, let us know and we can re-send your samples to you once they’re back in stock.

The samples are missing from my order, what can I do?

We’re sorry this has happened! Let us know asap and we can send them out to you today. They should be in your hands in the next couple of days.

My product is out of date

If you get in touch we will email you a prepaid returns label. You can send it back to us. As soon as it comes back into our warehouse, we will refund you or send you a replacement product.

The pump on my cleanser doesn't work properly, what can I do?

Let us know and we can send out a new pump for you.

Paypal have taken money out of my account for my order but I have had no confirmation from you about my order. Can you let me know when I will get my order?

Sometimes there is a tiny glitch with our system and Paypal. Let us know on email or over the phone and we will correct this immediately and send your order out the same day, so it’s in your hands in a day or two.

Can you let me know how long my parcel will take to deliver

Delivery within the UK takes 3-5 working days.

Tracked express takes 1-2 days and the EU 5-7 days.

Your website is not accepting my card, can you help?

If you’re having problems paying with your card, you can give us a call and we will try to put your order through. Sometimes the problem may be with your bank but if we can help, we will!

Your website is not accepting my password, can you help?

Let us know and we can give you a temporary password that you can change at a later date.

How do I cancel my order?

If your order has not been sent out yet, you can email us or give us a call and we can cancel it for you.

You have sent me double products by mistake

Thank you for being honest and letting us know! We will email you a prepaid label to return one set back to us.

I have been charged twice for my products

Get in touch with us asap and if we have charged you twice by mistake, then we will refund you what you are owed as soon as we hear from you.

what are the arrangements if i am not in when the product arrives

We work with Royal Mail who will leave it with a neighbour or may take it back to the sorting office. They should always leave a card. When you order from us, we can add a message to your packing label giving instructions of a safe place to leave if you are not home - if you have any problems doing this, just get in touch as soon as you have made the order.

Be One Percent Logo 33

Making A Remarkable Difference

Every purchase you make at Jersey Beauty enables you to help make a difference in some of the poorest communities in the world.


We give One Percent of our income each month to help some of those most in need across the world. Be One Percent is an amazing charity that brings together like-minded people, all giving their one percent which adds up to make a HUGE difference in the lives of those who have the least and helps to break the cycle of extreme poverty.

This money is used to provide school meals for children in some of the poorest countries in the world; malaria nets for families in need; kick-starting micro-businesses to enable communities to become self-sufficient again; clean water supplies; bikes for medics… the list goes on.

If you’d like to find out more, and maybe even play a bigger part of the One Percent, check out their website:

Want to ask us something?

We are here to answer any questions you might have. Whether it’s about skincare, an order you’ve made or if you just want to say hello (!) we’re here to chat!

Contact [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you within 48 hours.