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Solgar Skin, Nails and Hair Formula

Stress, lack of sleep, nutritional imbalances and environmental factors can affect the condition of your skin, nails and hair, making them appear dull and lifeless. This is where Solgar’s premium food supplement comes in.

Containing essential beauty nutrients such as Zinc and Copper, these tablets are designed to help build collagen, a major component of skin, as well as supporting healthy hair and nails.

This comprehensive formula also boasts Vitamin C to support skin elasticity and structure and restore your glow.

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Solgar Skin Nails and Hair Formula 60 Pack BF
vegan, twice daily supplementsSkin, Nails and Hair Formula


Solgar’s Skin, Nails and Hair Formula helps prevent damage to skin cells that may be associated with premature ageing. Additionally, it is supportive of skin complexion and hair colour, contributing to normal pigmentation and offering protection against oxidative stress.

This ingenious supplement also delivers MSM, silica as red algae powder (L corallioides, silicon dioxide), and amino acids (L-Lysine and L-Proline), making the perfect natural partner to your daily beauty regimen.

Key Benefits

Premium complex to help build collagen, a major component of skin, to support skin structure and elasticity

Boasts essential beauty nutrients including zinc, copper and vitamin C

Defends against free radical damage

Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher, Halal

Take 2 tablets daily.


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Skin, Nails and Hair Formula
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