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Guinot Night Logic Cream 50ml

Guinot Night Logic Cream

Guinot Night Logic Cream 50ml

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Guinot’s Creme Night Logic is a night cream designed to make skin look and feel plump and fresh as soon as you wake up. It’s main aims are threefold: firstly it looks to repair skin damage at night, feeding skin cells with Guinot’s patented ‘Chrononight’ complex, made up of algae extracts. Most people know that algae is used in some of the most expensive skin creams on the market because it can hydrate, soften and detoxify skin. It mimics your skin cells structure and so is able to rebuild your skin, replenishing essential vitamins and minerals that make skin glow.

Benefits of Creme Night Logic

Guinot’s Creme Night Logic is seriously hydrating. It contains an incredible amount of humectants - ingredients that can cause skin to retain moisture. For instance, hyaluronic acid holds 1000 x it’s own weight in water and ths, when applied to skin, has a plumping effect.

Lastly, Guinot’s Creme Night Logic works to boost microcirculation which makes skin look vibrant when you wake. Skin’s temperature already increases in the night, boosting microcirculation. But Creme Night Logic includes esculoside, furthering the process of microcirculation so you look bright as soon as you wake up.

As we have already discovered, as you sleep your skin is busy working to repair cellular damage and to reproduce cells. When you are younger, your skin cell renewal rate is naturally faster. As your skin ages this process slows done, so you need a night cream that enhances skin cell renewal and repair.

Guinot Creme Night Logic is a premium night cream that is packed full of active ingredients specially formulated to treating your ageing skin as you sleep.

Guinot Creme Night Logic contains a specific form of algae, called euglena gracilis extract, which actually mimics the skin’s renewal and repair process as you sleep to boost this process.

This algae is what is known as a chronobiological energizer - mimicking your natural circadian rhythm and adding energy to it. It can help to make your skin look firmer, fuller and more radiant, as it works to replenish your skin with proteins, micronutrients and vitamins to give it back that healthy glow.

Guinot Creme Night Logic also has capryloyl glycine, which is an amino acid. This active ingredient works to help rebuild your skin’s structure as you sleep. Amino acids are a part of your skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) but as you age this can decrease, so capryloyl glycine can help to boost your NMF and also to treat fine lines and wrinkles. This active ingredient is also great for regulating sebum production, that’s the oil that is secreted from your sebaceous glands. As we age, changes in hormones can lead to oily skin patches. This active ingredient can help to regulate that sebum production and control excess oil as you sleep.

How to use Guinot Night Logic Cream

Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of Guinot’s Creme Night Logic to face, neck and chest every evening until the glass jar is empty.


Key Ingredients

Dimethicone prevents water loss by creating a hydrating barrier on the skin, this is extremely important at night when skin water loss typically increases.

Euglena gracis extract is a form of algae. Algae definitely has a reputation as a wonder-ingredient, used in some of the most famous moisturisers. Simply put, algae replenishes your skin with all the proteins, micronutrients and vitamins it needs to thrive and glow. It adds energy to your skin cells and counter fatigued skin. Skin looks firm, full and vibrant with this one, powerful ingredient.

Capryloyl glycine is an incredible amino acid. Amino acids help rebuild skin’s structure at night, while you sleep. It also protects the skin’s surface from water loss.

Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 x it’s own weight in water, which means it locks in moisture to your skin’s cells making skin look and feel plump.

Vitamin E protects skin from forming wrinkles as a result of pollution. Vitamin E is the most protective vitamin you can apply to your skin, brilliant for helping skin to renew itself.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this a good product for ageing skin?

Yes, Creme Night Logic contains algae, which renews skin cells. This means, when you wake up, skin will look smooth and radiant. Fine lines will decrease and kin will look healthy.

What’s the texture of this cream?

It is medium weight - not too rich, but lovely absorption for the skin. As a consequence, all skin types will enjoy this cream. Oily skin will benefit because of the humectants. Dry skin will love the replenishing algae.

Should I use this cream after applying serum?

If you are applying serum, always do so before your night cream. But, this cream is set for great results so you shouldn’t need to add a serum to the mix.

Is this cream better than Creme Age Logic?

It’s a sister product! You can use Age Logic at night, but you might prefer to use Night Logic at night and Age Logic during the day - the ultimate skin-glow duo!

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