Guinot Creme Age Summum 50ml

Guinot Creme Age Summum

Guinot Creme Age Summum 50ml

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Guinot's premium anti-ageing immunity face cream has arrived!


Guinot Crème Age Summum is a premium skin care product that works to radically transform the health of your skin. If you suffer any of these 4 skin concerns, Age Summum will improve your radiance and protect your skin from damage inside out: 

·      Dark spots and UV damage.

·      Wrinkles and fine lines.

·      Lack of firmness.

·      Dull skin.

Why is this cream so clever? Because of its potent, science-built formula! There are 5 powerful ingredients featuring in Crème Age Summum that you need to know about, listed below.

1.     Guinot’s Immune Complex

If you have a good, physical immune system, then your body is able to ward off illness and defend itself against airborne nasties. But did you know that your skin has an immune system too? Your skin contains Langerhans cells. These clever cells protect your skin’s protein, keeping it supple and tight. As you age, Langerhans cells decrease making your skin's immunity weak. But after 6 days of application, Crème Age Summum increased the protection of Langerhans cells by 74%, suggesting an improvement in cell immunity.

2.     ATP

We all have a metabolism. When our metabolism is fast, our bodies have more energy and greater capacity. When our skin has a speedy metabolism, skin cells take fast action and repair UV damage and collagen levels quicker than a quick thing! The result: skin looks restored and naturally luminous.

3.     Actinergie

Actinergie increases the oxygen comsumption of your skin cells, allowing them to breathe! It stops free radicals, which are pollutants that stop oxygen from rejuvenating your precious skin’s cells in a process called oxidisation – it’s the same process that turns an apple brown if left in the air! When free radicals are prevented wrinkle formation slows down – this is why wrinkles are smoother by 45.2% in one month of using Crème Age Summum.

4.     Stabilised Vitamin C

When vitamin C is stabilised and at high concentration, as in this product, it can brighten areas of pigmentation and perhaps more importantly restore the collagen supplies that were lost in sun damage.

5.     Cellular Life Complex

 This Guinot complex is built from 56 active ingredients designed to keep you skin cells as healthy as possible. When skin cells are healthy, skin is elastic, supple and radiant!

Sun Damage and menopause - your skin in your fifties has been through a lot! We ask skin therapist Jodie about why Guinot Creme Age Summum is being talked about everywhere and how it can help us with our skin in our fifties.