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Stress Positive Eye Lift
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Jersey C After the massage, is it necessary to wash it off?
Jersey Beauty Company You can tissue off the masque and follow with your preferred eye cream
Jersey C Is this good for sensitive skin over 40? Is it enough to provide moisture to the eye area and handle the wrinkles?
Jersey Beauty Company You can use this product as needed, as a gel masque for the eye area for revitalising. For an every day eye treatment, please try Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum
Jersey C Is this ok to use with any of the Dermalogica eye creams?
Jersey Beauty Company you can use Stress Positive Eye Lift with any Dermalogica eye cream, except for AGE Reversal Eye Complex.
Jersey C what is the grey piece provided in the package?
Jersey Beauty Company  It helps you get out every last drop of product :)
Jersey C It says to leave on for 3-5 min and then tissue off? Is this an eye-area moisturiser?
Jersey Beauty Company  It is an eye mask. Follow with your favourite eye cream.
Jersey C Can this be used this on the eyelids?
Jersey Beauty Company yes it can be used on the eyelids
Jersey C will applying it with a finger get the same effect?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes,it can be applied with a finger. 
Jersey C Is this product to be used in the AM or PM? Does it matter when it is used?
Jersey Beauty Company  For best results use it in the morning to have a refreshed look all day
Jersey C Can this be used this if pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, this is safe to use during pregnancy.