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Introducing Biolumin C Eye Serum Blog 038 Jan 2020
Introducing Biolumin-C Eye Serum

This week we saw the exciting launch of Dermalogica’s NEW Biolumin-C eye serum. This lovely supercharged vitamin C serum is designed specifically for the skin around the eyes, to give your eyes a boost!

20200107 076 Jan 2020
3 Fabulous benefits from using Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist

Dermalogica’s antioxidant hydramist is the mist that packs a powerful punch! Antioxidant Hydramist is a refreshing, toning spray that delivers 3 main benefits from just 1 spritz!

20200107 192 Jan 2020
3 Great Moisturisers for Dry, Menopausal Skin

During the menopause, women notice that their skin becomes drier. For some who have struggled with oily skin, their skin may all of a sudden start to look gorgeous but for lots, dry skin becomes a big skin concern.

20200103 092 Jan 2020
Winter skin care: 3 common Winter skincare problems

Lots of us are creatures of habit. So often, we find products we like and our skin likes so we stick to them. Whilst that is great, sometimes we might need to change things up a bit in response to the weather around us.

Biolumin why i use 2331 Dec 2019
Why I Now Use Biolumin-C Serum

Before I started at Jersey Beauty, my skincare regime was minimal. Yes, minimal! Genes and youth had allowed me to glide through my 20s and most of my 30s with pretty good skin. Two things then happened...

There are enough beauty myths out there lets tell each other the truth 0119 Dec 2019
Six Truths Women Over 40 Should Know About Beauty Product Ingredients and Marketing

It’s time you knew the truth about beauty. Read on to learn the six truths every woman should know about beauty product ingredients and marketing.

Acid for blackhead header 0418 Dec 2019
Salicylic Acid for Blackheads: Pros, Cons and Side Effects

Salicylic acid is the best ingredient to use for breakouts IF you use it in the right way.

20191213 0710 Dec 2019
Glitter without the litter!

Until recently, I was kind of unaware of the real problem with glitter. A little sparkle doesn’t hurt anyone right? Wrong!

20191203 142 Dec 2019
Are you kind to your eyes?

The muscles around your eyes are constantly moving and working to help you as you talk, wink, laugh, smile, cry and blink.

20191203 132 Dec 2019
Brighter and more radiant skin isn’t something you just have to wish for.

It can really be yours with just a few simple changes and tweaks to your skincare routine!

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Why I would choose Multivitamin Thermafoliant every time...

Julie is one of our customer service superstars here at Jersey. Here is the thing about Julie, besides being a phenomenal woman, she has gooooood skin, the glowing and radiant kind that everyone wants. So we asked Julie which product was her ultimate favourite one to use.

20191121 1021 Nov 2019
Guinot tube creams vs Guinot jar creams

We all know that a good moisturiser is fundamental to a great skincare routine. Guinot work on the basis that every person's skin is different and is exposed to different environmental and stressful conditions at different times.