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UpCircle Travel Soap Tin

The UpCircle Beauty Travel Soap Tin is the perfect travel companion for eco-conscious customers. This high-quality aluminium tin is ideal for carrying soaps and shampoo/conditioner bars.

The compact size of this travel tin makes it ideal for travelling with, while the included drainage tray ensures the UpCircle soap lasts even longer!

  • Eco-friendly
  • Compact
  • High-quality

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Eco-Concious HaircareTravel Soap Tin


As a plastic-free & zero-waste solution, the Travel Soap Tin is part of UpCircle's mission to reduce waste and minimize the beauty industries carbon footprint. It's also reusable, making it a sustainable addition to any beauty routine.

The UpCircle Travel Soap Tin is a sustainable addition to your beauty collection, as it is reusable and reduces waste. This tin carries shampoo bars, conditioner bars and soap, so you can carry your necessary products with ease. It's also reusable, which is great for sustainability!

How to Use

Put your soap / conditioner / shampoo bar in this reusable travel tin.


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Travel Soap Tin
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