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Ultrasun Pre Sun Tan Activator

Struggle to tan? Want to tan faster or get a deeper colour when you do, without spending even more time under the sun? Here's your solution!

A Pre Sun tan activating lotion that will boost your skins melanin production, give you a gorgeous longer lasting tan & adds antioxidants to your skin for younger looking skin.

  • Suitable for those with sensitive skin types
  • Non-comedogenic

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Ultra Sun Pre Sun Tan Activator 150ml
tan activating pre sun lotionPre Sun Tan Activator


A fast absorbing, lightweight, non-greasy Pre Sun lotion formula that will activate your tan and give you longer lasting colour. Formulated with Thalitan, a tan activating ingredients that combines powerful antioxidants to increase the melanin production in your skin, naturally whilst preventing free radical damage that can occur when exposed to the sun. Contains Allotin which is a gentle anti-aging ingredient, specifically found in sensitive skin anti-ageing formulas.

By boosting your bodies melanin production, your skin can immunoprotect itself better than when your levels of melanin are lower.

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Pre Sun Tan Activator
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