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For Natural and defined lashesJbc sweed

SWEED No Lash Cluster - Long

Enhance your eyes with these delicate false lashes. The super-simple application with a thin seamless band and beautifully natural look makes these a perfect lash choice for every occasion.

  • Easy application
  • Thin & seamless band
  • Natural & defined look

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For Natural and defined lashesNo Lash Cluster - Long


Sweed No Lash Clusters are an ultra-delicate lash that will give you a natural and defined lash look. The thin and seamless band these lashes have makes them extremely easy to apply, even for a false-lash beginner. Sweed No Lash Clusters are easy to use and make for a flawless application every time.

These lashes are perfect for everyone. The natural look these lashes provide is defined, and the seamless and thin band makes application simple- even for a false-lash novice.

Available in different lengths to suit your lash needs.

How to Use

Apply lash glue on to your hand.

Remove the clusters gently with a tweezer from the base of the lash line (opposite than normal individuals) and dip into the glue.

Be careful not to break the lashes from each cluster - if you do it's fine to apply each hair separately.

Apply as close as possible to your own lashes.

Use the shorter lengths to add volume along the entire lash line or apply the longer lengths at the outer corner of the eyes to enhance your eye shape.

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No Lash Cluster - Long
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