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SWEED Brow Pencil 3g

Create natural looking brows shaped to perfection with the Sweed Brow Pencil. With 4 different shades, the Sweed Brow Pencil is colour-rich and makes hair-like strokes with ease.

  • Smudge-proof formula
  • 1,4mm ultra-fine tip to mimic the look of natural brow hair
  • Micro-blade effect

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for perfectly shaped browsBrow Pencil 3g


The Sweed Brow Pencil is an ultra-fine eyebrow pencil that creates natural-looking, hair-like strokes that give a microblade effect, resulting in perfect brows. The colour rich and smudge proof formula transforms brows from shapeless to defined in a moment.

This brow pencil has a twist-up, non-sharpen tip and a built-in spoolie brush to make application effortless.

With 4 shades to choose from - Ebony, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, and Taupe; this brow pencil is perfect for every brow shape and shade.


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Brow Pencil 3g
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