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Age Repair Perfect Canvas SPF30
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Jersey C Do you have to be over 40 to use Studio 10 products?
Jersey Beauty Company Absolutely not. All products have been designed with those extra ingredients needed as the skin naturally ages, but you don't need to be over 40.
Jersey C Do I need to use a brush to apply?
Jersey Beauty Company No it's personal preference. Some people prefer to use a brush other their fingers.
Jersey C I have hyperpigmentation, will this helps?
Jersey Beauty Company This will help the over all appearance of the skin and protect against further environmental stress and damage.
Jersey C Why are there 2 different shades in each pallette?
Jersey Beauty Company Your skin can be different shades during the year so its great to to have different options. You can blend the colours together or use them separately if you'd prefer.
Jersey C Is it suitable for dry skin?
Jersey Beauty Company As we age our skin becomes drier. This foundation is intensely hydrating, it smooths, firms and conditions as it builds cashmere-soft coverage making it perfect for dry skin types.
Jersey C Is it safe to use in pregnancy?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, all Studio 10 products are safe to use during pregnancy.