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Spotlight Oral Care Toothpaste for Total Care

This specifically formulated toothpaste for overall oral health to protect against desensitises, remineralises and protects the enamel of the tooth.

  • Reduces sensitivity.
  • Prevents decay, cavities and erosion.
  • Remineralises the tooth enamel.
  • Overall total care for your teeth.
  • 100% recyclable tube.
  • Daily care for all concerns.
  • Made by Dentists.

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oral dental careToothpaste for Total Care


A clinically proven to protect, desensitise and remineralise the enamel of the teeth. Created using active ingredients Fluoride to slow down the process of demineralisation and to help to remineralise surfaces of the tooth that show signs of calcium loss, as well as Pentasodium Triphosphate that prevents food particles from settling on the teeth protecting against decay, erosion and cavities.

Use twice a day, AM and PM as part of your oral care routine.

Vegan, cruelty-free & 100% recycable packaging.


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Toothpaste for Total Care
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