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Francesca Z Verified Buyer

Bit too sweet for me.

Beryl S Verified Buyer

I have only used the sample but it is a bit too fiddly for me although the results were good.

Tina R Verified Buyer

Not overly keen on this one because it leaves my skin feeling a bit sticky for too long unlike most other kinds I've tried in the past.

Chanel C Verified Buyer

I have been using this twice daily for three weeks, but so far I have not noticed any difference... purple marks from cystic acne still there and general texture and colour of skin has not improved. Disappointed!

Jersey Beauty Company It can take a while for some people to notice a difference as there really is no magic cure for blemishes and scarring from cystic acne, but over time you should notice the difference and improvement in the scarring. But of course, we are all individual and what works for one person may not work for another.
Angela L Verified Buyer

Don’t use it very much

Belinda G

Was ok nothing special

Helen L

This has a lovely smell, but I wouldn’t buy again as I’m not seeing any difference between this and my usual toner which is much cheaper. I’ve been over the moon with other dermalogica products, apart from this one.


Not very impressed to be honest. With it being called invisible, I thought this would be a very light lotion or cream but it’s very thick and tacky when on , not as nice as other sun care products I’ve bought in the past & I don’t think I’d buy it again


I have to be honest... I absolutely love the actual lip renewal complex itself but I totally dislike the dispenser! It wastes a LOT of product as when you screw it to come up, it takes a while to come through and by that time too much has come up! Love the actual lip renewal cream, although I would not spend the money on this product again. A bit disappointed.

Ruth Z

i loved the old brand better. you got almost instant results. I've used it for more than 20 years no complaints. however the new one is not as good. it doesn't give that youthful glow as did the old one. the new texture and smell is not the same. not happy. the price is higher too!!!

Ruth Z

i loved the old brand better. you got almost instant results. I've used it for more than 20 years no complaints. however the new one is not as good. it doesn't give that youthful glow as did the old one. the new texture and smell is not the same. not happy. the price is higher too!!!

Anika B

Nahh this is not a good mascara

Mina -

From my point of view, considering that it is a night cream, no need for that strong fragance. Also, I do not see the point on adding mica to the formulation, i would if it was make up, primer or a day cream. Finally, too thick And not easy to absorve Regarding effectiveness, my skin is hydrated, but I cannot see any further improvements

Customer S

I have bought another payot face cream a couple of times and really like it. Thought this time to try a different one from this brand but dissapointed. The cream is not absorbed but pilling. Tried it for a few days but kept rolling up into grimy balls. Not happy at all.

Kate R

I haven't noticed much difference in the redness of skin yet, but it's only been a couple of weeks. I was hoping for better results to be honest for the price. But will persevere!

Sara -

I bought two bottles of the serum after hearing rave reviews. I gave a bottle to my mum, telling her she would be like a new woman after using this. Unfortunately, neither she nor I enjoyed the benefits many others did. I really wanted it to work on my skin but I felt it dehydrated my already post-pregnancy skin even more. Sadly didn’t have the desired effect on a 30&50+ year old mother and daughter. Won’t be repurchasing.


This is one of the few items from Dermalogica that I don't like. I have normal to dry skin, and this dried out my skin even more. I knew that I should stay away from anything that lathers, but this is targeted at all skin types so...I did like it in the s


Have used the serum for one month now, am not totally satisfied, did expect better results, am continuing with my regular night cream, perhaps I will see more results later. Margaret Hazenbroek


Have used for several weeks and found the bottle annoying and the serum not very good. Have gone back to my normal night cream.


I prefer the original formulation|, this one feels greasy, does not get absorbed in the same way, and causes break-outs. Sorry but I won't be buying any more of this.


used special cleaning gel for a long long time, it is a brilliant product but as I am now in my late 30's I thought I would try something different that is anti ageing as well. Been using this cleanser for the last 5 days. My skin feels amazing after I


When I first purchased this product my expectations where really high. My skin is normal-oily with a really oily chin who tends to break out constantly. So I hoped that this product would help we get rid of my breakouts. But I was actually very disapo


Unfortunately this product doesn't suit my skin and I have stopped using it. My skin is sore after applying the cream and I will be returning it for a refund, but will replace this with my usual dermalogica product


Ingredients have changed from original uskin so not happy


Not happy as ingredients are not the same as original uskin


I’m still not sure of the New Skin Smoothing Cream as I’ve had a few breakouts. The old Skin Smoothing Cream was fine. Hopefully it settles down.


A nice light consistency & felt smooth on my skin. Lovely smell too but unfortunately didnt seem to improve the appearance of fine lines around my eyes very much.


First time I have used it. It will take time to see if it’s effectiveness. Product rating unknown at this time.


I like the texture of the cream, it goes on nicely. However, the smell lets it down badly. It smells like lemon furniture polish, totally overpowering, and really makes the product feel cheap.


Does not work for my 25 year old acne skin.


Not sure yet