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Laura S Verified Buyer

I used this once and my skin PURGED. I got spots everywhere. I had spots where I’ve never had spots before, including my eyelids. It took a good week to get my skin back under control using the Resufacing Cleanser. I want to love this because I have enlarged, clogged pores but I don’t think my skin likes niaccinamide unfortunately!

Sue P Verified Buyer

Sadly, I cannot leave any reviews. I placed my order and paid for it and got the confirmation. A few days later, I got an email cancelling my order. Then a refund. So I wasn't able to try out the items that I originally ordered, much to my dismay. I was a bit gutted to be honest. If you get anymore of the samples that I previously ordered could you please let me know so that I can try them. Regards Sue.

Jersey Beauty Company Hi Sue, free samples are super popular and sometimes we just can't keep up with demand and we really don't want to disappoint by sending samples that aren't suitable.
Telma G Verified Buyer

Good Morning I haven't received the order yet, can you check what's going on? thanks

Sue M Verified Buyer

Not sure what to say when I have been asked to write a review before receiving products. How does that work?

alex w Verified Buyer

It seems runny this time

Helen O Verified Buyer

This came as a sample, haven't used it as yet

Daphne B Verified Buyer

So disappointed, the product is way too thick and doesn’t come out of the tube. I had to return it


I loved the products as usual but this time I purposely spent more to receive the free gift. Again the products were great but was very dissappointed with the bag which was the reason for my bigger order. It showed what looked like a small fabric bag but when it arrived it was a large plastic, very cheap looking thing which really surprised me as everything is usually quality. Very dissappointed!

Emma H

Not impressed at all! The delivery company put it in a shed that wasn’t mine! Nothing in the letterbox to say they had done! It was in a damp shed for 2 days!

Sue F

Introducing postage charges on all orders made me sad. I spend a lot with you

Mary C

Nothing. Enquiry made and response was limp and poor customer service

Anne F

Again haven’t used it yet not sure i would pay £6.50 again for such a small amount

Carol S

Use it very often.

Sarah B

Unfortunately I have found this product ineffective. I don't usually get 'problem' skin, but since Lockdown I've had lots of breakouts. I bought this product to compliment my Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and Skin Smoothing Cream, but it hasn't worked. An expensive product for no results, which is a real shame as I love Dermalogica products. Sorry.


Didn't get on with it, too thick and greasy for my oily skin and irritated my eyes, so no good for me at removing mascara. Will give it to my daughter with dry skin. Back to double cleansing with special cleansing gel my favourite product!!

Yvonne W

I have not yet tried this item as yet. So can’t say what it’s like .

Lydia A

I had this as a sample and absolutely loved it so decided to buy .I personally do not think it is worth the money as very small and expensive for what you get. Even though is smooth on lips you can buy a product similar for half the price wil definitely not buy again

Michelle T

I bought this after developing eczema for the first time. Unfortunately this cleanser hasn't called my skin but has actually made it tighter with more dry and irratated patches. Really disappointed as is an expensive mistake but this wasn't for me and made my eczema worse rather than better ????


I love the feeling after using the daily microfoliant. A friend of mine recommended it to me. However both her and I found that the foilant doesn't like moist environments which is the usual environment in a bathroom where you tend to keep the product. We

anne C

The glass bottle makes it difficult to extract any serum, other than shaking vigorously & sending the few droplets everywhere, the whole process becomes exhausting & frustrating.


Disappointing. I ordered this after receiving two samples which I thought were fantastic, moisturising, rich and really lovely to use. However, I'm not sure if the product that I have received is defective but it's really grainy. It feels more like an ex


This actually makes me break out(!) A plus is that it doesn't dry my skin, but yeah, it would be nice for it to make my skin better :/


Ordered the wrong one ! Too harsh fir my sensitive skin !


Hi! I don’t like it all. I have been using the serum twice. Yesterday maybee I used to much but this morning I only used 2 dropps with the same result. My skinn feel sticky . I would like to send it back. (I prefer my old one, multavitamin power serum.) I used the serum together with super rich repair night and dynamic skin recovery spf 50 day. Best regards Ingela Lindahl

Jayne P

Got this as a sample and def won't buy it. Stings a bit when you first put it on and made no difference to my eyes at all. Was very disappointed


Had an allergic reaction


This product did not agree with my skin and I had an allergic reaction


For the first time ever with a Dermalogica product I found that it aggravated my eyes. When I perspired ( which I do a lot these days ???? ) my eyes started stinging. I won’t buy it again & I wouldn’t recommend it


I bought this as I thought, from reading reviews, that this would be a good alternative / replacement for the Ultra Calming Mist. Sadly it is not and within a couple of uses (spray morning and night) my skin was very red and hot.