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Glenn Brown -

Charcoal-based clay facial masques seem to be the trend with skincare companies that target oilier skin types. I've used several, from both well known brands as well as brands found only in health food stores. However, Payot's formulation works faster and more effectively than others. Within 10- to15-minutes after application, the thinly but completely applied layer of product dried and rapidly absorbed excess surface sebum to the point that I could skip using a cleanser. As a man, I find applying a thin layer of the masque to my beard / stubble, allowing it to dry, rinsing it off, and then applying shaving cream gives me a closer, less irritating shave. The masque is also ideal to dab onto pimples or blemishes after an application of Pâte Grise l'Originale before bedtime. Once the masque dries, the ointment-like Pâte Grise beneath is "held in place" for better absorption, and helps prevent it from migrating along the skin during sleep.

Roberta -

I have tried this in combination with other skin purifying product and the effects are showing