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Medik8 Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye 3

Medik8 Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye 3 Restores the appearance of youthful eyes with a new all-in-one solution to night time eye care.

Inspired by the original ground-breaking vitamin A serum Crystal Retinal, This product is an eye-specialist night eye cream.

  • Restores appearance of youthful eyes
  • Eye-specialist night eye cream
  • Moisturises, hydrates, and nourishes

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Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye 3 with carton Cutout 2000 x 2000
for youthful, nourished eyesCrystal Retinal Ceramide Eye 3


This moisturising and nourishing eye cream contains retinaldehyde, which is optimised for the eye area, available in 3 strengths for progressive visible results that become more evident over time.

Ideal for long term moisturisation, nourishment and hydration to make eyes appear more youthful.

How to Use

After cleansing in the evening, apply Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye around the eye area, avoiding eyelids.

Use twice a week for the first 2 weeks, every other night for the next 2 weeks, then every night.

You should always use a sunscreen in the morning while using vitamin A.

New users start at Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye 3, and existing users of Crystal Retinal (original) can match the level of their face strength to the eye cream.


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