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Medik8 C-Tetra® Luxe

A powerful Vitamin C formula for younger looking, more radiant and protected skin with this Best selling formula from Medik8.

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Medik8 c tetra luxe
facial serumC-Tetra® Luxe


A revolutionary ultra-stable Vitamin C serum which helps combat sun-induced damage to the skin, trigger collagen synthesis, increase the skin’s elasticity and density as well as improve the skin’s texture and brighten the complexion.

Regular vitamin C is very unstable and many typical vitamin C products are inactive by the time they are used on the skin, in some cases, they have become pro-oxidant and actually generate free radicals! Ground-breaking stability data on C-Tetra guarantees real vitamin C activity and best of all, unlike L-ascorbic acid (regular vitamin C), C-Tetra will not exfoliate or irritate skin.

C-Tetra® contains 7% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, the most potent and highly stable derivative of vitamin C available. CE-Tetra has been shown to have up to 4 times the potency.

Designed for both men and women in their mid-20s to 40s.

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C-Tetra® Luxe
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