Mary Cohr New Youth Sun Care

Mary Cohr New Youth Sun Care

Mary Cohr New Youth Sun Care

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Nouvelle Jeunesse Soleil

This unique before and after sun care product prepares skin for sun exposure and repairs it afterwards. Rich in rejuvenating active ingredients, it neutralises free radicals. It compensates for the harmful effects of UV rays, which cause premature skin ageing, and regenerates the skin. When applied before exposure, it also promotes a golden tan and reinforces the skin's defence mechanisms to the sun.

Key Ingredients:

Cellular Life Concentrate - Stimulates cellular activity and helps the skin activate its natural capacity for self-regeneration.

Laminaïne - Protects cells from UV-induced stress.

Vitamin E - Anti-free radical. Tyr-Ol & Copper Gluconate - Melanin precursors, facilitate melanogenesis and enhance a golden tan.

Apply to face, neck and décolleté in the morning to boost the effectiveness of your sun protection cream, and in the evening for skin ‘repair’ action after sun exposure.