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Mary Cohr Intraderm Cellulite

Intradermal Cellulite targets each phase of the cellulite formation process to help diminish and prevent formation.

  • Great for stomach, thighs & hips.
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • Promotes drainage.
  • Body contours are slimmed down.

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Intraderm Cellulite
Smoothing Anti-Cellulite SerumIntraderm Cellulite


The main cause of cellulite formation is due to excessive accumulation of triglycerides within adipocytes. The accumulation causes the hydrodermis to expand constricting the vascular system that irrigates it. Drainage therefore becomes insufficient, bulges and cellulite form.

Dimpled skin is visibly reduced.

Skin is smoother.

Body contours are slimmed down.

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Intraderm Cellulite
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