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Margaret Dabbs London Intensive Anti-Ageing Hand Serum

Formulated for its anti-ageing benefits with antioxidants, this fast absorbing serum will reduce visible signs of ageing on the hands, improve the appearance and quality of the skin, help to reduce age spots and create a more even skin tone.

  • This silky soft Hand Serum is great for improving the appearance of ageing hands
  • Leaves your skin looking and feeling younger
  • Ideal for reducing the visible signs of ageing on hands

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Margaret dabbs hand serum
Intensive Anti-Ageing Hand Serum


Enriched with Lupin Seed Extract, Hempseed Oil and Soy Isoflavones to improve skin elasticity and firmness and leave hands visibly silky, smooth and replenished.

Beautifully scented with Mandarin and Geranium.

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Intensive Anti-Ageing Hand Serum
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