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Margaret Dabbs London Foot Hygiene Cream

The iconic "miracle in a jar" foot hygiene cream is one of Margaret Dabbs London's best sellers, and with good reason.

This treatment balm works hard overnight on your hard working feet - leaving them soft and rejuvenated by morning.

  • Key Ingredients Include:
  • Emu Oil to promote skin renewal
  • Pure Tea Tree for its natural antifungal and antibacterial qualities
  • Benzoic & Salicylic acids to treat many common foot ailments.

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Margaret dabbs foot hygiene cream
Foot Hygiene Cream


The best-selling ‘Miracle in a Jar’ Foot Hygiene Cream is formulated to get your feet back on track.

Medicated and medicinal in scent, it delivers instant treatment results from the very first application.

Use as the final step before you go to bed to keep feet fit, healthy and protected.

This overnight treatment balm will transform your feet while you sleep.

From the very first application you will experience what you thought would be the impossible – your feet back looking the way they used to look, and the way they used to feel.

Perfect for sports lovers and those with sweat prone feet.

Suitable for adults and young adults.


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Foot Hygiene Cream
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