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Margaret Dabbs London Foot Cooling & Cleansing Spray

A refreshing, cooling and deodorising foot spray.

Helps to relieve the feeling of tired, hot, puffy, and aching feet.

Infused with skin cooling and toning Witch Hazel and Apple extracts and soothing Elderflower and Fireweed extracts.

With Lemon Myrtle Oil to help neutralise foot odour and provide a bright, energising scent.

  • Bliss in a bottle after a long, tiring day on your feet
  • Ideal for relieving the feeling of tired, hot, puffy, and aching feet

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Margaret dabbs foot spray
Foot Cooling & Cleansing Spray


A powerful ‘pick me up’ ideal to alleviate hot, flustered feet.

The perfect size for your handbag, gym bag or hand luggage making it the ideal companion when travelling or on the go.

Ideal for sweat-prone feet.

A summer essential for those hot days when your feet require immediate relief.


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Foot Cooling & Cleansing Spray
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