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Margaret Dabbs London 3-IN-1 Shoe Freshener

Freshen up your footwear every day with this uniquely effective, high-tech device.

  • Fresh
  • Clean
  • Odour-Free

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3 in 1 shoe freshener
Freshen up your footwear3-IN-1 Shoe Freshener


The Margaret Dabbs 3-IN-1 Shoe Freshener will leave your footwear invigoratingly fresh and pure. The innovative 3-in-1 Shoe Freshener that uses Ozone Technology to create the perfect hygiene measure to keep your footwear fresh, clean, and odour-free.

Ozone Technology efficiently cleans, purifies, deodorises, and dries footwear with no mess or fuss. Ozone is a naturally occurring compound in which three oxygen atoms are combined to form the ozone molecule (O3). Oxygen most commonly exists as two oxygen atoms (O2). Ozone forms when energy from an electrical discharge breaks the O2 double bonds, forming single oxygen atoms, which recombine with O2 molecules to create O3 (Ozone). Ozone is a powerful, pure and natural disinfection agent, naturally destroying harmful microorganisms and compounds, including viruses, and moulds.

How to Use:

Place the device inside your shoes and plug in the power cord. When the shoe freshener is plugged in, it will buzz and automatically start the Ozone, heat, and drying function and run for approximately 15 minutes. The heat and drying function will then continue running for a further 100 minutes before the process starts all over again. As long as the shoe freshener is plugged in, this cycle will continue. The device will efficiently deodorise and neutralise odour, and will cleanse and dry your footwear from within, thus preserving the shape and integrity of your shoes, trainers, and boots. If the shoes are wet, the device can be used for a longer period of time.

Caution: Do not use in shoes that are extremely wet as it is not a waterproof device – the 3-in-1 Shoe Freshener is class 2 waterproof.

Use daily for optimal results. Please note that during the cleaning the device makes a small buzzing sound.

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