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This Australian Clay Mask may be the best solution for open pores & adult acne

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Make open pores smaller with Australian Pink Clay found in Sand and Sky’s Popular Face Mask​​

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about a product that can solve open pores?


“Yeah right. A product that can reduce open pores?! You just want my money. I’ve heard it all before. Doubting. Stop lying to me.”

We know. That’s how we’ve been feeling about some products in the beauty industry that claim (and fail) to refine open pores as promised.

We also know the truth: you can’t close open pores. Firstly, anything that suggests otherwise is a lie. A big, fat lie. You can tighten pores. They become loose over time, with age. Yet, very few products succeed at reducing dark, open pores across our faces…

Until NOW....

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Tightens pores so that you don’t have to use heaps of makeup to smooth your complexion out every morning. You’ll feel radiant and ready to show your skin off after one use!

Reduces Blackheads in 10 short minutes. No need to push and pull your skin trying to get those nasty blackheads out. Simply apply the mask and relax with a drink! All the adult acne woes are resolved!

Speaking of acne, though this is not an acne mask per se, it has powerful anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties so it soaks up excess oil and draws out dirt from deep within the pores. That means - oily skin won’t look greasy! Hurrah!

Softens Skin and gently exfoliates so no need to keep scrubbing your skin off! You’ll feel clean and bright after this pink clay delight!

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Brightens Pigmentation so you can say goodbye to any areas of acne scarring or sun spots that make you feel self conscious. This product is all about making you feel light and happy.

Gives you a skin glow after use. Skin feels balanced and looks healthy - we’re pretty confident you’ll be taking some post-mask selfies and sending to your mum, grandaughter, sister, cousin… on second thoughts... maybe it’s a ‘send to all’ situation!

Gives an even skin tone by soothing redness and brightening your skin. Again, no make up, no filter, just smooth and even radiance that you’ve dreamed of.

Brilliant for ageing skin - tightens pores, simulates new cell production and collagen regeneration.

How Does this Mask Give You Such Amazing Results?

This results-driven product works thanks to three happy words: Austrailian Pink Clay.

Australian Pink Clay is a natural, soft clay that deeply cleanses and exfoliates dirt and debris on your precious complexion.

How? It absorbs excess water and oil. In fact, it’s seriously powerful for 5 simple reasons:

  1. Purifies and refines for visibly tighter pores.
  2. Absorbs dirt and impurities like a boss.
  3. Draws out toxins and combats daily pollution.
  4. Gentle enough for all skin types while delivering powerful results.
  5. Like a gym for your skin, Pink Clay strengthens its natural defences.

Psst… Australian Pink Clay is the answer to open pore and adult acne woes

Sand & Sky’s Porefining mask will mop up surface oil and help remove oily debris deep in the pores. The result? Your pores look and feel tighter which gives you a brilliant glow as light reflects from smooth skin. This mask also contains vitamin A to regulate the skin’s oil production. Your skin will feel clean and mattified after each use. Over time, skin may become less oily and pores less obvious.

Incredible Ingredients that Do the Hard Work, so You Can Relax

All you have to do is apply Porefining mask to cleansed skin (it even comes with a little brush applicator!) One use is all it takes to reduce open pores and adult acne.

Once applied, your skin will drink in the many benefits of Australian Pink Clay and a whole host of other incredible ingredients.

Aloe Vera - provides healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. Winner for acne.

Kakadu Plum - creates a defence shield to leave skin clear, glowing and selfie-ready.

Old Man’s Weed - tackles pigmentation clusters. Say hello to a healthy, even complexion.

Liquorice - organic licorice simulates new cell production, leaving you with bright skin to be proud of.

Vitamin A - hero ingredient. This gently exfoliates and repairs your skin. Keeps skin firm and healthy in its deepest layers.

Vitamin E - stops little pollutants from getting into your pores and damaging your skin’s structure. This happens every day if you let it. Vitamin E can actually protect your skin and stop wrinkles.

Kelp - soothes and calms dry skin. Contains minerals that penetrate the skin and remove toxins.

Witch Hazel - natural astringent tightens pores and stops excess oil production.

Pomegranate - fights sun damage, acne and wrinkles. This is an antioxidant and nothing going to stop it from giving you good skin.

Mangostreen - natural antibacterial properties and antimicrobial compounds which are highly effective in treating many common skin problems.

Rosemary - natural antiseptic maes in a superior disinfectant for skin.

Lactic Acid - gently exfoliates your skin, revealing new cells that can glow, glow, glow!

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*Results from a survey sent in December 2017 to Sand & Sky customers, based on 10,954 answers.

**Results from a survey sent in March 2018 to Sand & Sky customers.

Why are we stocking this product at Jersey Beauty Company?

We’ve already told you. We were cynical. No matter how many pictures of women in bikinis we didn’t believe this brand could truly bring Australian joy to our lives. But then we saw the ingredients. We noted the Australian Pink Clay. We tried it. Our pores will never be the same again. (Thank you Sand & Sky!)

How often should you use this product?

If you have oily skin to combination skin, use 2 - 3 times a week for best results. For dry of sensitive skin, use up to 2 times per week. Don’t use on the same day as exfoliating.

How do I use the mask?

Cleanse your face before applying the mask with your free applicator brush. Leave it for about 10 minutes until fully dry. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry with a fresh towel. Proceed to a mirror to admire your glowing skin.

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Why do I get a free applicator brush?

It is more hygienic than using your fingers and you will get an even coverage. It is also a faster way to apply the mask and helps not to waste product! Remember to wash your brush after mask application. If possible, point it downwards to help it dry quicker.

I feel a tingle, is that normal?

Yes! Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask is full of active ingredients. This tingle is good and means that the ingredients are working to tackle the impurities on your skin while you relax.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use this product?

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask uses active ingredients to draw out toxins in the skin. We suggest patch testing the mask 48 hours before use on your inner elbow. If irritation occurs, do not use (you can send it back to our team at the Jersey Beauty Co for a refund.)

Why is the Sand & Sky mask better than other products?

Most clay masks contain 10-15% clay. Sand & Aky’s Australian Pink Clay Porefining Mask content is 50% clay, which drives more effective skin results. They use all organic and natural Australian ingredients that are hand-picked. Sand & Sky also source ingredients sustainably and work closely with local authorities to meet environmental regulations to ensure their is as little disruption as possible.

Will I experience breakouts after use?

This 4 in 1 mask detoxes, invigorates, refines and brightens your skin. When detoxing the skin, sometimes breakouts occur. If you experience a few spots after the mask, don’t worry! It means it’s doing the job! All the sebum is being drawn to the surface of your skin, so once you have moved past this phase, your skin should be clear and you won’t experience this every time you use the mask. If your spots are in the areas where you normally have enlarged pores and congestion, this is called a purge and it’s a good thing! If your spots are outside of these areas, then the product might not be right for your skin.

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Is Sand & Sky Australian owned?

Sand & Sky is 100% Australian owned and our products are manufactured in Australia.

Does this contain any preservatives?

Preservatives are necessary to make sure that skincare stays at its most effective in different environments, and prevents the growth of microorganisms. If you made fresh, skincare - it would go off in a few days. Sand & Sky have kept preservatives to a minimum, whilst making sure that the efficacy of the mask is kept and ensuring furry bacteria doesn’t grow in the pot!

What is the shelf life of this product?

Sand & Sky’s Australian Pink Clay Porefining Mask has a typical shelf life of 24 months. If the mask is kept out of direct sunlight and at room temperature or below, it will last a lot longer.

Is it gluten free?

Yes, it is! And it doesn’t come into contact with gluten in production.

It is safe to use in pregnancy?

Sand & Sky Porefining Mask does not contain any chemicals that can harm you or the baby. It contains a very small amount of preservative and Sand & Sky are FDA compliant. There is 0.0058ml of vitamin A in each jar - with 15 applications this comes to 0.000386ml per application. Seek your doctor's advice if you are unsure.

I have eczema or rosacea - can I use this mask?

Although it doesn’t contain any ingredients that might trigger eczema or rosacea, everybody is different so please do a patch test and check with your doctor if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.

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Simply place your order today and you will get:

  • A special, 30-day money back guarantee (so if you try it and don’t see the results you expect, simply send it back to our warehouse for a refund.)
  • 100% biodegradable popcorn packaging. We package all of our Jersey Beauty Co orders with beautiful tissue paper (so that it feels like a gift) - plus - real, cinema-style popcorn (without the sugar or nasties of course.) Pop the corn in your compost and it will degrade. Eco-friendly and fun!