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clarifying, smoothing, repairing

K18 Next Level Repair Set

Keep your hair heathy at home with this limited edition set, designed to clarify, repair, and smooth all hair types.

  • PEPTIDE PREP™ Detox Shampoo
  • Molecular Repair Hair Mask
  • Molecular Repair Hair Oil

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K18 next level repair trio
clarifying, smoothing, repairingNext Level Repair Set


Discover the limited edition K18 Next Level Repair Set.

Keep your hair healthy at home with clarifying, smoothing, repairing 3-step routine.

Set Contents:

PEPTIDE PREP™ Detox Shampoo

Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

Molecular Repair Hair Oil

PEPTIDE PREP™ Detox Shampoo:

This detoxing shampoo is non-stripping, colour-safe, and pH-optimized. It works to unclog hair follicles whilst removing dirt, oils, common metals like nickel, cadmium, lead, zinc, and iron from hard and tap water, and leftover heavy product build-up.

The intentional formulation of this shampoo means that no fillers or deposits are left behind, leaving the cleanest canvas for the optimum K18 molecular repair leave-in treatment results.

Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask:

This leave-in treatment mask is designed for for all hair types to reverse damage in 4 minutes. This mask helps to maintain hair strength and elasticity in-between appointments.

Patented K18PEPTIDE™ technology works to repair damage, restoring strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce to hair.

Molecular Repair Hair Oil:

This biotech-engineered weightless oil works on all hair types to strengthen, repair damage, reduce frizz at two levels of the hair fibre, and improve shine.

K18PEPTIDE™ reverses frizz-causing damage long-term at the molecular level. Natural oils work past the cuticle layer to reduce frizz & flyaways, while enhancing shine and colour vibrancy without weighing hair down.

How To Use

1. Detox shampoo:

Massage detox shampoo into hair + scalp to remove excess buildup.

Thoroughly rinse.

Repeat as needed.

Wait to use conditioner until after the mask for optimal repair results.

Molecular Repair Hair Mask:

Towel-dry thoroughly.

Begin with 1 pump of K18 mask and add more as needed. Maximum recommended usage is 3 pumps.

Apply all over, 1 pump at a time.

Let sit for 4 minutes. Do not rinse out.

Apply conditioner if desired for added smoothness, softness + detangling after using the K18 mask, then rinse out.

Molecular Repair Hair Oil:

Apply 1-3 drops of molecular repair hair oil to damp hair, starting at the ends and working upward through the mid-lengths.

Wait 4 minutes. Style as usual.

Apply an additional 1-3 drops of molecular repair hair oil to dry hair as a finisher.

A little goes a long way. Start with the minimum recommended amount + build as needed.


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Next Level Repair Set
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