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Guinot Creme Hydrazone Rich

Intensive, rich-textured moisturiser for very dehydrated skin; it protects by day and prevents moisture loss at night. Provides continual, around the clock hydration. Slow-release hydrating moisturiser for all skin types. Previously known as Creme Hydrazone Peaux Deshydratees.

  • Enables optimal and continuous hydration.
  • Revive skins texture.
  • Enhances the skin's radiance.
  • Non-stop source of hydration.
  • Suitable for Dehydrated Skin types.

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Guinot Creme Hydrazone Peaux Deshydratees RICH 50ml
Peaux DeshydrateesCreme Hydrazone Rich


It rehydrates the face's 3 key zones, protects and soothes the skin, softens and illuminates the complexion.

"Hydrocyte" liposomes are microspheres used in pharmacy as a means of penetration. Their uniqueness is a structure similar to that of cell membranes, which gives them extraordinary properties. "Hydrocyte" liposomes are loaded with water hydrating the epidermis, whilst providing a non-stop source of hydration to the skin.

Provides perfect, long lasting moisture to cells

Softens and relaxes the skin

It helps to revive the skin's radiance.

Retains water in the skin.

Enables optimal and continuous hydration.

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Creme Hydrazone Rich
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