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Genie Beauty Nutratanicals Foundation with Kabuki Brush

Full coverage foundation that will last all day without sitting in lines or becoming dry.

Creates a zero budge, full coverage finish to not only moisturise the skin but to boost luminosity and gives the skin a gorgeous glow.

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Genie Beauty Nutratanicals Natural Foundation 8g with brush
full coverage foundationNutratanicals Foundation with Kabuki Brush


Contains only 5 ingredients, including Japanese Honeysuckle which acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, adds moisture & boosts hydration in the skin.

Jojoba - packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants

Vitamin E - anti inflammatory & excellent moisturiser to keep skin healthy

Natural Plantservative - no chemical or artificial preservatives

How To Use:

Tap a small amount into the lid.
Pat Kabuki Brush in the lid to load brush and then tap the blunt end of the Kabuki Brush on counter to disperse evenly.
Gently brush & blend onto skin. Repeat until desired finish is achieved.


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Nutratanicals Foundation with Kabuki Brush
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