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Face Cream with 5% Urea
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Jersey C Can I use it with psoriasis?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, you will find that skin with psoriasis suffers low natural levels of urea and so this cream can improve the condition of skin.
Jersey C Does it make the face oily?
Jersey Beauty Company No, your skin will absorb the creams nutrients and oils and your face will look bright and plump.
Jersey C Is this fragrance free?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, there are no fragrances in the ingredients list.
Jersey C Can I use this product for combination skin?
Jersey Beauty Company You can definitely use this on the dry areas of skin, but for oily areas we would recommend a lighter moisturiser.
Jersey C Is it suitable for body?
Jersey Beauty Company This is a face cream only.
Jersey C Is it suitable for eczema?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, urea is brilliant for restoring seriously dry skin conditions. In fact, this product was dermatologically tested on patients with atopic skin (neurodermatitis.)
Jersey C Does this contain parabens?
Jersey Beauty Company No this contains phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin which are widely used alternatives to parabens.