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FOREO Imagination

Create any mask you can imagine with this first of it's kind face mask base, with added hydration, antioxidants and Linoleic Acid - have fun and let your imagination go wild!

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first of its kind face mask baseImagination


Create your own face mask with added benefits with this first of it's kind Face Mask Base. Add fruit, fresh natural ingredients to this base to create a multi-nutrients, triple complex face mask that'll deliver exactly what your skin needs. Combination of Ester, Linoleic Acid and Propylene Glycol which gives your skin deep hydration, ultra-soothing, clean and safe nutrients to your skin.

Ultra-Soothing Phospholipids, Vitamin B5 & Allantoin prevents your skin from drying out and becoming irritated, whilst calming agents in the base keep your skin looking and feeling dewy and fresh. Vegan, suitable for all skin types and dermatologist approved and clean ingredients.

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