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Evolve Organic Beauty Monoi Rescue Shampoo

An all natural shampoo to improve the condition of dry, damaged and coloured hair using organic oils and acids from the Karkade Hibiscus Flower & Quinoa Proteins.

Improves hair shine, prevents colour fading and nourishes for smooth, shiny and wonderfully smelling hair.

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Evolve Organic Beauty Monoi Rescue Shampoo 250ml
for coloured, dry hairMonoi Rescue Shampoo


Key ingredients:

Monoi: A Polynesian beauty secret ingredient which helps to prevent protein loss from the hair to slow down hair damage.

Karkade Flower Acid: Encourages cellular renewal of the scalp which improves the hair’s shine, silkiness and suppleness. This acid improves lustre by smoothing damaged hair and keratin chains with organic acids and polysaccharids.

Quinoa proteins: Hugely boost the hair's hydration, forming a protective barrier to block out environmental stressors while locking in moisture. This adds moisture and nourishment to damaged hair for healthier looking locks.


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Monoi Rescue Shampoo
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