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Therese -

I admit I was sceptical about whether this serum would live up to my expectations - I had read the rave reviews on this site but couldn't imagine anything beating my trusty (but expensive ) Estee Lauder serum. However after deciding it was worth a try I have not been disappointed - I love the texture and it is far more moisturising than my usual brand. I'm only about two weeks in but I am loving this serum and can feel & see a difference in my skin. I can only imagine what other products I should be trying!

Darryl M

I absolutely love this product. After years of using various high-end products with the prices to match, I cannot believe the price and quality of Evolve products. From the first time I used the serum it absorbed so easily, I did not get any negative reaction on my skin which usually happens when I change to a new product. My skin, just after a few days had a clarity and glow that my people noticed. As a guy, it's surprising to have my female colleagues say how fantastic my skin looks and asking what I was using. Since my first use of this serum I have bought a number of other items from Evolve, I'm a total convert.

Claire B -

Thanks to the Hyaluronic serum, I actually stopped going to my dermatologist for injections! Instead of one painful and expensive session per year, I'm down to... none at all! My amazing serum does the trick for me; I have spread the news to my friends who have become as addicted to it as I am!

Dawn -

This little bottle of magic is without a doubt amazing!! I am a bit of a beauty junky and over the years have tried many products now I have discovered this range I won't be going back to any of the others. I love the fact that it is all-natural and it really works, my skin has never looked so good. Now as I approach my 59th year I think I've found the one at last! Brilliant product

Kerryn P

I was quite shocked as to how good this serum actually was. I really like the brand in general so I knew I wouldn't ever be let down, but this stuff seriously blew me away. It feels like you have had a really good sheet mask on your face for about 10 mins, its that level of hydration! I have used so many different hyaluronics before and usually price does make a difference with them. I think this one can easily match up to the more high-end products, if not better. I love it!

Tracy -

This is the most effective I have ever used in my life. Such a bold statement for me to make because I’m a beauty junkie but my wrinkles/dehydration lines have visibly and drastically improved I’ve been using this for 4 weeks now. It’s made my skin even and glowing and gorgeous. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Thank you evolve beauty so much!

Elaine -

I've been using high-end anti-aging serums for many years but wasn't getting the visible results anymore so I had a look on Beauty Bible at their highest rated products and found this. This is a fabulous product! It plumps out my wrinkles and dehydration lines, evens out my skin tone and hydrates my skin without causing breakouts. Love, love, love it and never want to be without this product! This is the best anti-aging product I have ever used on my skin, yet my 20 year old daughter also loves it, great for all ages and skin types, including super sensitive

LM92 -

I received a sample of this when I purchased the daily renew face cream( which is also amazing) I have really dry skin and I have tried everything but no amount of oil or product seems to help it! Therefore I tried the sample of this I received and at first, I noticed how soft my skin was but a couple of days later my skin is so plump!!!! I have to say I am using it along with the daily renew face cream which also contains hyaluronic acid so together they have really made my face so plump and glowing!! I highly recommend this serum alongside the daily renew face cream! It works amazing for me and I’m in my twenties but clearly it will be incredible if you have more mature skin and want that plumping smoothing effect!

Lola -

I am seriously impressed, and very chuffed, with this serum. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth after one application, and after a week or so I started getting compliments from colleagues who said my skin looks fresh and even. After a few weeks I have noticed a plumpness too. Excited to have found something that works so well, that's natural too! I will 100% be re-purchasing this, and recommending it to all my friends.

Patricia -

Waiting to notice an improvement on my skin