Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

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This soap-free, foaming gel cleanser with a refreshing lather thoroughly removes impurities without disturbing the skin's natural moisture balance.

What is Special Cleansing Gel?

A delightful, daily essential for your skin! Cleansing am + pm will whisk away all traces of dirt, make up and oil, leaving you with supple and super-soft skin before you begin to tone or moisturise. Special Cleansing Gel is a multi award-winning soap-free, foaming gel that will instantly brighten the skins surface.

Will Special Cleansing Gel suit my skin type?

Works with combination skin whisking away the dirt and debris to balance and refresh skin.

What super-spectacular skin health ingredients does it include?

Are you ready for this uillaja saponaria a difficult word to pronounce but a wonderful ingredient indeed! This is a naturally foaming extract that gently removes impurities and excess oils. Its really important to get a soap-free, fragrance free cleanser that nourishes skin and doesnt strip the surface or dry your skin.

To make the Special Cleaning Experience even more relaxing, Dermalogica have added balm mint, a skin soothing extract that cools and lavender, a naturally antiseptic extract helps purify skin.

Learn how your skin works, what changes it will go through as you age, and how you can care for your skin through the process to ensure you have great, healthy skin whatever your age.

Cleansing is key to healthy skin care but most women actually only spend 20 seconds or less cleansing… we get the secrets to more effective cleansing from Dermalogica and find out the crucial step you’ve been missing out!

Brilliant! How and when should I use it?

Following the removal of Dermalogicas Precleanse, lather a pea-sized amount of gel in moistened hands and apply to dampened face and throat. Rinse with warm water. Follow with Multi-active toner and prescribed Dermalogica moisturiser.

  • 5 / 5

    58 customer reviews
  • So simple and just perfect

    Ulrika Stockholm, United Kingdom.
  • Absolutely excellent. Thoroughly cleanses my skin leaving it incredibly soft!

    Daryl Suffolk, United Kingdom.
  • Excellent product! Always leaves my skin feeling very clean but not dry. Quick delivery.

    Gurjit Luton, United Kingdom.
  • I\'ve been using this for years! It makes my skin feel really clean, but still feels quite gentle to use. Lovely fresh, clean smell. Really notice the difference if I have used a different cleanser and always return to this one. Lasts for ages.

    Louise Tyneside, UK, United Kingdom.
  • Very sufficient cleanser. Leaves skin soft and smooth.

    Elli-mari Finland, United Kingdom.
  • Special cleansing gel is amazing! Removes my eye make up easily without stinging my eyes & skin feels wonderful & clean afterwards!

    Siobhan Twickenham , United Kingdom.
  • Special cleansing gel is amazing I have used it for years & is the best for removing all kinds of makeup etc & keeping my skin healthy!!

    Deborah Edinburgh, United Kingdom , United Kingdom.
  • A great cleansing gel that lasts very long. My favorite!

    Johanna Sweden, United Kingdom.
  • Leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and smooth without making it feel dry or dehydrated. Jersey beauty is the cheapest on the market, worth the investment, will last you ages

    Beth manchester, United Kingdom, United Kingdom.
  • Brilliant cleanser. Recommended for spot prone skin. Cleanses all makeup in one wash.Jersey Beauty is the best price, still quite expensive but follow instructions and it lasts a long time

    Sarah Yorkshire, United Kingdom, United Kingdom.
  • I have been using this product and Jersey Beauty Company for years! I discovered Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel after being given a sample by JB and I will never go back to soap and water or any other cleansing products again! It leaves my skin feeling clean without stripping it of natural oils or leaving it dry. Redness has been reduced due to its soothing ingredients and I get compliments in my skin! Fantastic product and service, thank JBC!

    Cerys London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom.
  • I have been using this for over 10 years and love it as a face wash really cleansing and gentle but removes all make up definitely recommended.

    Justine Exeter, United Kingdom, United Kingdom.
  • I use this product after pre cleanse and it's easy to use in the shower every day. Leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth and I have even noticed a difference to my redness

    Sharon Fareham, United Kingdom, United Kingdom.
  • Great Value if this is your daily face wash. Fantastic for oily skin. The only product I have found to really work. Jersey Beauty always deliver very quickly and its the best price I have found.

    Emma London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom.
  • This is the best product I have ever used on my skin and I won't ever change prodcuts again! Delivery and customer service from Jersey Beauty Company is also first class!

    Jenny London , United Kingdom, United Kingdom.
  • Best cleansing product ive ever tried! Really makes skin feel and look clean without getting dry.

    Sandra Vällingby, Sweden, United Kingdom.
  • Best cleansing product ive ever tried! Really makes skin feel and look clean without getting dry.

    Sandra Vällingby, Sweden, United Kingdom.
  • Thank you so much for your speedy delivery! I am a big dermalogica fan and was delighted with your competitive price, free delivery and samples! Now for the cleansing gel - I have used this for years, wonderful product, lasts for ages and keeps my skin clean and clear

  • Oh how much I have missed you! I run out a couple of weeks ago and have had to wait til today to purchase more - best ever - I cant wait for it to arrive!

    Saleha COLCHESTER, United Kingdom, United Kingdom.
  • I have just switched to this from the essential cleanser. I loved the essential, but find in summer with sun cream and generally more shiney skin etc that this special cleansing gel is just right. Skin is super clean, no breakouts, and even though my skin is a little on the dry side this did not dry my skin out at all! Wonderful and very effective cleanser. Smells gorgeous and feels a real treat. Great value too as you need only a tiny bit!

    Lisa Weymouth, United Kingdom, United Kingdom.

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When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. Why? Because for over 25 years, we've been dedicated to delivering skin health results through education, innovation, and professional recommendation, not through sparkly packaging, promises of miracle cures, or overblown hype.