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Sound Sleep Cocoon Night Gel-Cream
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Jersey C Just wondering with the sound sleep cocoon do you use it after your normal nightly moisturiser? Or replace your normal nightly moisturiser with this?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, Sound Sleep Cocoon would be the final step in your night time regimen.
Jersey C What products do you recommend for hyper pigmentation, C-12 or sound sleep cocoon?
Jersey Beauty Company For best results, use C 12 Pure Bright Serum, Pure Night and Sound Sleep Cocoon in that order.
Jersey C Is this ok to use atop a retinol creme?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes.
Jersey C Is Sound Sleep Cocoon okay to use if you have acne prone skin?
Jersey Beauty Company You may prefer Overnight Clearing Gel as a night time treatment.
Jersey C Is the product suitable for combination oily skin? Also, can it be used on its own?
Jersey Beauty Company It is for all skin types and can be used alone or on top of your favourite moisturiser or serum (or both).
Jersey C How does the Sound Sleep Cocoon compare to Pure Night? I have oily skin.Which night cream that will help prevent signs of ageing before they start ?
Jersey Beauty Company If you would like to prevent ageing, try Overnight Repair Serum under Sound Sleep Cocoon. Overnight Repair Serum repairs the skin with peptides. Sound Sleep Cocoon while help you sleep better so that your skin repairs itself the best it can. It will also brighten the skin and give you a glow. During the day, be sure to use SPF as SPF is the number one way to prevent aging.
Jersey C Can this be used this if pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, this is safe to use during pregnancy.
Jersey C Is the product natural?
Jersey Beauty Company Dermalogica aim to use naturally derived ingredients where it is safe and ethical to do so.
Jersey C Is it cruelty free?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes all Dermalogica products are cruelty free.
Jersey C How do you apply the product?
Jersey Beauty Company 1-2 pumps is all you need. Apply on to skin and then massage to release the motion activated capsules of essential oil lavendin.
Jersey C Is it good for dry skin?
Jersey Beauty Company You will need to add an oil if you have dry skin.