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Smart Response Serum
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Jenny O Can Smart Response Serum be used around the eyes and lips?
Jersey Beauty Company Smart Response Serum may be used around the lips. However, please avoid using around the eye area.
Jenny O Can I use another targeted treatment along with Smart Response Serum?
Jersey Beauty Company We don’t recommend mixing or layering Smart Response Serum with other targeted treatments. If you’d like to incorporate another serum into your regimen, we recommend alternating a.m./p.m. use.
Jenny O What is the benefit of using Smart Response Serum in place of my normal targeted treatments?
Jersey Beauty Company The micro-changes that lead to skin damage take place before we’re able to see them – which means that by the time we apply our targeted skin care products, our skin may need something different! Smart Response Serum’s proactive formula works with skin’s changing needs, for healthier skin over time.
Jenny O How does Smart Response Serum adapt to skin’s changing needs?
Jersey Beauty Company Our skin is constantly changing, not only seasonally but from one day to the next – in response to our climate, our diet, stress, and a number of other factors. Some skin care ingredients work indiscriminately, without taking skin’s individual needs into account. By activating key ingredients on different areas of the face in response to skin’s micro-changes, Smart Response Serum is able to work when, where, and how skin needs it.
Jenny O How does Smart Response Serum help stop skin damage before it starts?
Jersey Beauty Company Our skin is constantly sending out signals. On a macro level, we experience these as signs like redness, fine lines, dark spots, and dehydration. But if we could zoom in for a closer view, we’d see that these skin concerns can actually be caused by damage that happens on a microscopic level. When skin is harmed, it changes in structure and chemical make-up – either as a result of damage, or as a form of self-defense. By the time our skin feels signs of distress, the damage is done. Smart Response Serum, however, sees what we can’t. Each of its four smart actives is targeted to recognize and address these micro-changes in the skin before they’re visible to the naked eye – effectively addressing skin’s needs in real time.