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Jersey C I use the pre cleanse and I love it, however, I usually use the sensitive skin cleanser, can I use this cleanser instead or us it not suitable for very sensitive skin?
Jersey Beauty Company We encourage double cleansing, just using a small amount of cleanser twice. You can use the Precleanse or Precleanse Balm first, then your regular cleanser to give your skin that ultra cleanse.
Jersey C Can this help with cystic acne that also won't dry out sensitive/dry skin?
Jersey Beauty Company You can use Precleanse, Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Ultra Calming Mist, Breakout Control and Active Moist.
Jersey C Should this be used at night and morning or only at night?
Jersey Beauty Company  Please use it as the first step of your nightly double cleanse. 
Jersey C Are there mineral oils in this?
Jersey Beauty Company This product contains botanical oils. It does not contain mineral oils.
Jersey C Is Precleanse recommended only if you wear makeup ? Or is it suggested to use this even if you don't wear makeup and then follow with suggest cleanser?
Jersey Beauty Company Precleanse is recommended for everyone as the first step of the double cleanse. Even if you don't wear makeup, it can help remove oils, debris, dead skin cells, sweat, product build up, etc.
Jersey C Is this an oil free pre cleanse?
Jersey Beauty Company Precleanse is an oil based cleanser.
Jersey C What is the pH level of this PreCleanse?
Jersey Beauty Company Most all Dermalogica products are pH balanced to the skin (with the exception of desincrustation products). Therefore, Precleanse would fall within a 4-6 level.
Jersey C Is this safe to use if using another skincare line for cleansing?
Jersey Beauty Company It is for all skin types. It is the first step of a nightly double cleanse and can be followed by your favorite cleanser.
Jersey C Can this cleanser be used for males and females?
Jersey Beauty Company Men and women can use all of our products.
Jersey C Can this be used this if pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, this is safe to use during pregnancy.