Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub

Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub

Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub

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Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub is perfect for Pre Shave conditioning of skin. It is a brilliant dual-action exfoliating cleanser which will leave your skin prepped for that close shave, lifting any ingrowing hairs and leaving skin soft and smooth.

Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub is a great prep for shave-readiness. Need a quick lift? Get shave-ready with this dual-action exfoliating cleanser. A beard-lifting lather containing micro-fine Silica beads helps remove oil and dulling skin cells for clean-looking skin. Cleans deep to help keep pores clear and minimize ingrown hairs while clearing the way for a closer, cleaner shave. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

how it works

  • Use on days when you shave.
  • Salicylic Acid, Willow Bark Extract and Silica remove dead, dulling skin cells.
  • Antioxidant White Birch and Lemon Extract fi ght off skin-aging free radicals while providing astringent properties to skin.
  • Antiseptic Tea Tree and Eucalyptus help keep skin feeling clean and looking fresh all day.

For all skin types. Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub is suitable for those who shave with electric razors, and for head shavers.

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  • Love this product

    Mark Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Great for getting your skin clean and softening the beard for a fab shave.

    Matt Liverpool, United Kingdom