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Christina W

I really want to love this as it takes my make up off brilliantly well, but I break out every time I use it.

Hayley D Verified Buyer

The only face wash you'll ever need. Very disappointed that the seal was broken on arrival.

Hayley D Verified Buyer

A brilliant face cream. Just disappointed that it arrived in a crumpled up box.

Tracey F Verified Buyer

I did send a message to ask about the Night time Clearing Gel - and there was no response. Its frustrating when you have been using a product for 10 years and then you stop selling it and there is no feedback on why/what is replacing it?

Tracey H Verified Buyer

Good product.very easily absorbed . Seems to work well from what I can tell from a small sample

Mrs Helen J Verified Buyer

Items arrived really quickly (2 days). I didn’t love that it came packaged with plastic not the usual popcorn!

Mrs Helen J Verified Buyer

My daughter used this but finds it iisn’t hydrating enough.

Francesca Z Verified Buyer

Smells good. The roller feels nice and cool. Not sure if it’s doing anything yet....

Sian W Verified Buyer

I used to use this about 10 years ago and it worked brilliantly for me, however my skin is less dry now and more sensitive and I didn't feel it suited my skin as much.

Carol R Verified Buyer

I have only used this twice. When I received it I thought it was a sample as it is such a small tube!

Elizabeth R Verified Buyer

I don’t think this is the right product for me now I loved it it was so easy to use now I think is a bit dry so suggestions please I’m 86

aileen s Verified Buyer

Quick delivery

aileen s Verified Buyer

Arrived quickly, but it has made my eyes water and have small pimples under my eyes after using it.

Jersey Beauty Company When applying any eye cream, only a very small amount is needed around the eye socket area not too close to the eye to avoid puffiness and and watering of the eyes. But if unsure always stop using the product to avoid any further reaction.
JENNIFER A Verified Buyer

Has quite a bracing feeling. Hope it’s going to improve skin in eye area.

JENNIFER A Verified Buyer

Early days. Seems ok

JENNIFER A Verified Buyer

Has a nice feel.

JENNIFER A Verified Buyer

Have yet to try

Jenie E

I don't know what to say yet, but i think you have a nice range of product.

Jenie E

I think u have a nice range of product, keep it up.

Helen O

I certainly did not love the popcorn used as packaging, what on earth are you thinking about!!

Leanna C

Your communication is good ie. you were quick to contact me to tell me the retinol was out of stock. However, your Insider club is dishonest in how it presents the pricing. Because comparing the ‘Insider’ price which does not include VAT against the RRP which does include VAT is hardly representative or transparent. Your other good points - delivery is quick and products are well packaged


Waiting to hear on damaged pot.


Sorry must have missed this part

Margaret V

Always deliver promptly and your prices are competitive.

Monika H

As mentioned in my review for the cream I never received the item but the company kept me updated and refunded my money when they couldn’t get hold of the cream. They sent an apologetic email as well.

Monika H

I’m not able to review this cream as I never received it. When I ordered it I was told that it will take some time, then I received an update that it’ll be shipped soon but a week later I received an email to say they’ll refund my money as they don’t have the cream. Disappointed but at least the communication was decent.

Doreen M

It’s ok. I bought this as a substitute for the 888 creme which is no longer available but it’s not quite the same, not as good. It will do until such time as I find a worthy replacement.

jane c

My main under eye concern is lack of volume and a darkening of the skin. I have now been using Longue Vie Yeux for 3 weeks and although it's an 'okay' eye cream, it has in no way resolved my concerns. The Search continues......

Pam B

I have not tried it yet but its guinot it will work

terri k

It’s okay

Marion R

Have no idea what this product is like aas it has rained non stop since it arrived . Will use once the sun returns.

Carol S

Use it often

Gabriella P

Its lovely but it seems to be less hydrating than the old one..still smells sure i paid less for a larger bottle when it was the old packaging?

patricia h

I found Creme Pur Equiibre very different from my usual from moisturiser. This cream is more suitable for a younger skin than mine. I would not recommend this for myself

Pat N

Feels good on lips but disappointed with the pink shade, very pale on my pale skin, hardly noticeable.

Tracey H

Love the packaging and fragrance of this.bit tricky to apply as it’s like water,so have to be careful not to use too much. So far it has helped smaller spots, but as yet the big spots are still there.been using for a week, so time will tell

Christine W

Is it a new product? It doesn't lather as well as the previous product!

Michelle T

This melts in to the skin and feels really nice and smooth but not very moisturising if you have dry skin.

Jennifer N -

The only downside about it - you have to apply a thick layer to see the effect of it. In other words, a tube can't last for long!

Pamela W

Some improvement in appearance of scar after 4-6 weeks use but someway to go yet.

Laura -

I still have a pot purchased months ago which is a sign its not my favourite product... Exfoliating particles are too small and harsh for sensitive skin like mine so I use it differently, on wet skin not dry as suggested, and don't rub as such. Then leave it for 5-10 min. Otherwise I was left with damaged red skin. However, I believe formula has changed since and Evolve uses blueberry seeds now so hopefully its gentler on the skin. I prefer their other mask which is lovely and suits me better. It would be good to finally try their new coming gentle AHA toner which hopefully is the actual exfoliator.

Brigit -

Expected more from the hand treatment, it’s just a nice hand cream, too much money, expected more treatment.

Sue I

I have been using this for a week and my lips are wonderfully moisturised and soft. I haven’t had any noticeable plumping effect but perhaps early days for this. So for me, this isn’t a must-have.

Katherine D

This cream moisturizes my lips beautifully. Unfortunately, I don’t personally notice a plumping effect (I have tried ‘before and after’ photos and also asked others if they could see a difference: they couldn’t) although from some of the other reviews it is clear others have, so worth giving it a go!


This moisturiser is great for my skin as my skin changes all the time! Helps keep away any oil/shine but also gives me just the right amount of hydration! Perfect :)


One of the things I want from a hydrating masque is being able to use it as a night cream, as I'm awfully lazy. This gel-masque is not suitible for that. It is wonderful as an eye-masque, and as an after-sun. Well, it is not a favorite product, as it isn'


It is a verry nice lip complex but it is not worth the price.


Not very impressed with this. i didn't see much difference in my skin. it is still very gentle and pleasant to use


Lovely stuff but not nearly as nice as the multivitamin power firm!


5 stars as an exfoliant, lovely gentle action that works without being too aggressive, 1 star because it goes mouldy in the shower, so overall 3 stars. Come on dermalogica sort out the packaging so it works with this great product.


At the beginning it worked very well and i could see the improvements straight away, however, after few months my skin got very used to it, so now it is more like a skin softener rather than exfoliant.


This product does help shed dead skin. Not the best skincare product I have come across but it helps.

Patricia -

Waiting to notice an improvement on my skin

Patricia -

Heaven on your skin


Used it for a year not so sure about this one but still trying it


Haven't tried it yet - bought it because the reviews were good


I can not see a difference in the size ,depth or shape of my wrinkles, perhaps it was to much to hope for


Having read all the positive reviews, I had high hopes for this product, but so far have not noticed any difference or improvement in the condition of my skin, nor reduction in wrinkles or lines. My main concern is around my mouth and lips. I shall persevere, as I might be expecting too much too soon, and I have only been using the cream for between two and three weeks.


My husband uses this always pleased with the results


Haven’t noticed any difference


Don’t know yet . Think I’ll end up reverting to boots no7 which works


Well, its too early to review the product i have only used it in 2weeks i think, but i think it is working and will see the result until the bottle is empty and decide whether to continue it or not. I will rate it 3 stars for the meantime.


I think its good but as i have said earlier its too early to review totally the product for i haven't finish my first bottle yet, and planning to purchase another one soon.


Haven't used yet as still have some of the previous cream left. If its similar to that currently being used it will continue to be fabulous.


Cream seems okay, it's early days yet, but it is light, non greasy and contains the ingredients I was looking for.


I have not used it long enough to give a statement. I have used the one from The Ordinary and I'm comparing the two now.