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Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Gradual Tanning Oil Everyday

Build up a gorgeous, sun-kissed golden glow with the Liquid Gold range from Bondi Sands.

This everyday gradual tanning oil is super simply to use, spray onto the hands or mitt, swipe across the skin and your golden tan will develop between 1-3 applications.

Don't worry about having to wash this tanner off, or having a streaky finish as this subtle, highly moisturising formula is perfect for keeping a glow all year round!

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Gradual Tanning Oil Everyday Liquid Gold 270ml
golden glow gradual tanLiquid Gold Gradual Tanning Oil Everyday


Touch-dry in seconds!

FAQ's from Bondi Sands:

Q. How long does it take to see a difference when using this product?

A. You’ll begin to notice a natural glow developing between 1 - 3 applications.

Q. Is this product as dark as the foam and lotion?

A. The foam and lotion are darker, this is perfect for for tanning beginners or, low maintenance lovers.


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Liquid Gold Gradual Tanning Oil Everyday
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