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Balance Me Vegan Body Brushes

Improve the texture and tone of your skin, for softer, smoother limbs for all skin types and ages.

Pair of Vegan Body Brushes, with a cream drawstring pouch for storage and travelling.

  • UK Based beauty company to creates award-winning, clean formulas
  • Aroma-therapeutic ingredients to uplift/relax
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan

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vegan 100% natural body brushesVegan Body Brushes


Two vegan body brushes designed using Beech Wood to improve circulation , the appearance of cellulite and softness of your skin.

Use alongside your favourite body oil for the ultimate self care ritual.

The act of body brushing helps with lymphatic drainage and the removal of dead skin cells allowing product applied to your skin after brushing to soak in well and get to work.

Body brushing is also very good at targeting cellulite and improving skin tone.

Balance me jbc

For a few minutes every day, we get to slow down and take care of ourselves. That's why we created Balance Me - because skincare is self-care.

— Rebecca & Clare Hopkin (Sisters & Co-Founders of Balance Me)

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Vegan Body Brushes
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