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This is another lovely product in the range. I have used it as a toner on cotton wool after cleansing. My skin can often feel dry after toning but after using this it feels and looks so much better. It also smells really fresh. I will certainly be trying the other suggested uses for it too.

Jane S

Another very nice product from Ark. For someone with very dry skin, it really has helped make it feel more comfortable. Lovely!

O -

A really lovely product that does do what it says. First thing in the morning and during a long journey, it is so convenient to use and has a lasting effect of freshness on the skin.

Debbie S

This feels great on my skin and is another worthwhile product I’ve brought from Ark!

Sandra S

Amazing spray - your skin feels so moist and it brings a glow to your complexion. I have used it for years and wouldn’t change!

Samy -

I'm crazy about this Mist. I love to refresh my skin throughout the day and I even use this over my make-up. Try it, it gives a gorgeous sheen. The delicate mint smell is amazing - this is going to be my beach companion this summer!

Fob W

A truly wonderful product that leaves your skin feeling refreshed. I've found that some of the mists can make your skin feel tight.. i.e. Dehydrated, but this leaves your skin feeling velvety. So many uses, on a plane, on the beach, in your car, as a makeup 'fixer'. Yet another ARK product I NEED!

Lorraine P.

This is simply the best beauty mist I’ve ever used and I’ve tried a lot. It’s so refreshing and cooling and being vegan is the icing on the cake, I love the whole ark skincare range and I’d never buy anything else now.