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Our Values


Be challengers of misconception, avoiders of assumption & busters of bias.

We believe that people shapes are human shapes with knobbly bits and curvy bits, smooth bits and bumpy bits, odd bits and equal bits. So we will ignore industry hype and create a new definition of beauty where individuality is king, self esteem is queen & where being human is being ourselves. There will be no products wrapped up with lies & mythical powers. We will value difference & encourage potential and our team and our customers will know that being themselves is exactly how we like them.


Be an explorer of ideas & adventurer of the new.

We believe that life can be a happy adventure when faced with courage. So we will be generators of the new and discoverers of ideas, questioners of the default and searchers of solutions, brave adventurers of thought and communicators of ideas. Our space is our own to shape and reshape so we will shape it with courage and conviction.


Be an offerer of time, doer of good & a generous giver.

We believe that giving is good, very good. So we will strive to make a difference (even a teeny tiny one) every day to our team, to our customers and those in need of a helping hand. Our eyes will spy opportunities to do good stuff. We will not just think in pounds and pence nor virtual people & warehouse boxes. People are human beings and human doings and sometimes, just sometimes, they need a helping hand. We like people.


Be authentic, genuine & always ourselves.

We believe in being honest and open without flannel or fluff. So we will extend the warmest of welcomes, provide a listening ear & a thoughtful reply. Yes will mean yes and no will mean no, there will be no bluster or rubbish or nonsense. We will treat our customers exactly like each other, with the service we'd like but rarely encounter. Our customers will feel 10 feet tall & we will sleep soundly in our beds knowing that life is good.


Be a thinker of the gang not a lone rider.

We believe that we are one of the gang and one of a kind all at the same time. So we will embrace our individuality and our collective whole to see potential in ourselves and each other. There are no lonely I's or Me's. We are individually amazing and collectively astounding. Maybe, just maybe we can be collectively, outstandingly, amazingly individual together. We like together better. Team feels good.


Be a finder of the funny, a seeker of the silly & a minister of mischief.

We believe that belly laughs should be administered daily. Life is better with added smiles. So, we will find our funny bones and tickle those ribs, lubricate our laughter and become masters of mischief. We will continue our quest to seek laughs and adventure, fun times and mischief, naughtiness and the silly. We will know when to work hard and master the mundane. Planet Work will be a great place to inhabit where likeminded people reside and a daily adventure is always guaranteed. If we are happy, our customers are happy. And that makes us very happy indeed.


Be a deliverer of happy with infectious style and our sticky brand of service.

We believe that happiness is contagious, so we will work tirelessly to deliver great, happy service everyday. By great we mean exceptionally exceptional with a cherry on top. Easy Street is not our bag, we will climb mountain unthinkable and swim lake impossible to go those extra miles. Happiness will be delivered daily with service that sticks and spreads quicker than quick.