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It’s confession time…

Before I started at Jersey Beauty, my skincare regime was minimal. Yes, minimal!

Genes and youth had allowed me to glide through my 20s and most of my 30s with pretty good skin. Two things then happened.

I was inching closer to my 40s as opposed to my 30s (and let’s face it, my minimal skin care regime wasn’t going to cut it anymore) and I started at Jersey Beauty….

A whole new world of skincare opened up to me. Everyday I was learning about and discovering new skincare products. At first it was like a foreign language but as I started introducing my skin to new products, I started to become more ‘fluent’ in skin care because I could actually see the difference they were making.

I started by introducing a cleanser and a better moisturiser, I tried an exfoliators, introduced a toning mist. After my skin adjusted to this new regime, I thought I would give a serum a try. I had read about serums but up to this point hadn’t tried one.

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Enter Dermalogica Biolumin-C!

I have to be totally honest, I was a little bit skeptical but I faithfully used Dermalogica’s Biolumin-C morning and evening after cleansing and toning for about 3 weeks and then people started noticing (everyone loves a compliment!) and I started noticing, my skin was actually looking brighter, radiant and a whole lot healthier and happier!

Biolumin-C is a serum that you apply over cleansed skin morning and evening. It is a super concentrated Vitamin C serum. It’s slightly yellow in colour and a little goes a long way. The bottle has a dropper so I simply put a few drops on the tips of two of my fingers, dot it on my face and gently smooth it over my skin. It soaks in quickly so you aren’t sat waiting for it to be absorbed which is a bonus for busy people!

Biolumin-C is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of scars and boost collagen production so your skin looks plumper. I am loving using it everyday and so is my skin and the difference is most definitely visible.

My biggest regret is that I didn’t take a before and after shot to share with you!

If you have never tried Biolumin-C before...

You can try before you buy with a Biolumin-C sample

OR You can dive right in and order a bottle (you won’t be disappointed). It's available in either 30ml or 59ml sizes.

Biolumin 30Ml B

BioLumin-C Serum

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Or, even better value, you can order yourself or ask a loved one to buy you a Dermalogica Be Radiant Christmas set. You will not only get a Biolumin-C in the set but also 3 Rapid Reveal Peel tubes and you save £35.20 on the retail value!

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Be Radiant

Try Biolumin-C yourself and let us know what you think!