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Here are 3 reasons why you should buy a Christmas gift from Jersey Beauty…

Reason 1 - Treat a loved one

Let’s be honest, we always treat ourselves last, if at all. Here at Jersey we believe that everyone is unique and amazing and that fact should be celebrated. Christmas is the perfect time for you to treat a loved one and celebrate a happy and remarkable them by giving them a gift that they wouldn’t usually buy for themselves. We have gifts for all skin types and to suit different budgets.

Reason 2 - You actually save a lot!

It’s true, there are big savings to be had when you buy Christmas gifts as opposed to buying the items individually. Plus they come packaged up ready for you to give! Perfect hey!

Imagine If Christmas 2019 03

Reason 3 - For every order you place, we will donate a percentage to charity

Here at Jersey we love to do the small acts that we can that will have a big impact in the lives of those around us. This year, we have decided that for every order you place between now and the 24th December, we are going to donate a percentage to Imagine If Trust’s Christmas Day Meal. Imagine If are a fabulous Liverpool based charity that host a Christmas Day Meal for those in the local community who may be lonely, isolated, vulnerable or unable to afford a meal for themselves or their family.


We have gathered together some fabulous Christmas gift ideas for you in our Jersey Christmas shop. If you haven’t had a look around yet, make yourself a cuppa and have a little browse…


Here are some of our favourite gift boxes:

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Mary Cohr Box 2 03

Mary Cohr Radiance

Box: £48.00

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