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20200428 08 Guinot Hydra Beaute

Guinot’s Hydra Beauté range is perfect for anyone with dehydrated skin.

The truth is, most of us at some point have dehydrated skin, in fact it’s more like 95% of us!

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But what exactly is dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is when our skin lacks water, and often, when you cleanse or wash your skin, it can feel tight and in need of direct moisturisation. Dehydrated skin is different to dry skin. Dry skin lacks oil, dehydrated skin lacks moisture.

Dehydration happens when we lose water from our skin by “transepidermal water loss”. It can be caused by your lifestyle, from not drinking enough water, from what you eat, what you drink, what you put into your body, even air conditioning; it can also be to the aging process, sun, free radicals.

The solution to dehydrated skin is to use products that put moisture back into our skin and help maintain good levels of moisture. When your skin is hydrated, it looks glowing, plump, radiant, soft and supple plus fine lines and wrinkles are less visible. When your skin is dehydrated, it looks lacklustre and dull plus fine lines and wrinkles are way more visible!

Guinot Hydra Beauté range includes cleansers, toners, face creams, masks, serums all designed to put moisture back into your skin and quench the thirst of every little skin cell!

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How do Hydra Beauté products do this?

All of the Hydra Beauté products contain Guinot's Hydrocyte Complex. This clever complex is a biological source of moisture. It's made by Scientists in the Guinot labs, to zap each symptom of dehydration and help to maintain hydration right to the core of the cell.

The results you will see from using Hydra Beauté products is happier, healthier, brighter and more radiant skin simply because it is fully hydrated!

If you think your skin is dehydrated but you aren’t sure where to start, you could:

Guinot Hydra Beaute Lait

Lait Hydra Beauté (cleanser)

Cleanse with Lait Hydra Beauté, a rich and creamy cleanser which ditches the dirt to reveal super soft, beautifully hydrated skin. The creamy texture grabs dirt, make-up and debris without disrupting the delicate balance of the skin.


Guinot Hydra Beaute Lotion

Lotion Hydra Beauté (toner)

Tone with Lotion Hydra Beauté, an ultra-gentle, ultra hydrating toning lotion that removes every last trace of dirt, debris and make-up without upsetting the delicate balance of the skin.


Guinot Hydra Beaute Creme

Creme Hydra Beauté

Moisturise with Creme Hydra Beauté, a beautiful daily use face cream that will most definitely put some much needed moisture back into your skin.


Guinot Hydra Beaute Brume

Hydra Beauté Mist

Hydrate with Hydra Beauté mist, a favourite of mine! A light mist that can be used over or under makeup that will deliver a burst of hydration at any time of the day.


Guinot Hydra Beaute Masque

Masque Hydra Beauté

A masque that replenishes and rehydrates skin, restoring its moisture balance. Leaving the skin rehydrated and radiant, soft and supple.

Drenches the skin in a bath of moisture and plumps up the cells and the upper layers if the epidermis.


Why not introduce just one of these thirst quenching products into your routine and see the difference it makes to your skin!