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Which Face Mask Should I Choose 01

Putting on a face mask and chilling out for a bit does more than help us take a little time to relax. Whilst you are lying back and relaxing, the face mask is working on your skin. You can actually choose your face mask to target a specific skin concern. You can pick and choose. It’s a win win situation!

Guinot has created a beautiful range of face masks but sometimes we don’t always know which one to choose.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Which Face Mask Should I Choose 02

Dehydrated skin?

Try Masque Hydra Beaute

Masque Hydra Beaute replenishes, rehydrates and restores moisture balance. Skin is left rehydrated, radiant, soft and supple.


Which Face Mask Should I Choose 03

Dry skin?

Try Masque Essentiel Nutrition Confort

Masque Essentiel Nutrition Confort is a radiance boosting non-setting moisturising mask for dry skin. Menthol and lavender moisturise and soften the skin beautifully.


Which Face Mask Should I Choose 04

Sensitive skin?

Try Masque Hydra Sensitive

Masque Hydra Sensitive is specifically created to soothe and protect sensitive skin. Sensitive skin will be instantly soothed and redness visibly reduced.


Which Face Mask Should I Choose 05

Signs of ageing?

Try Masque Vital Anti-Rides

Masque Vital Anti-rides is a creamy-textured relaxing mask formulated for mature skin to target signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will be nourished, fine lines and wrinkles will appear reduced leaving your skin looking smoother and more youthful.


Head over to Jersey Beauty and discover the full Guinot Mask range!