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Wake Skincare Wake Face Mask

'I noticed an improvement in my skin after the first use. I have sensitive skin and this worked well for me. My skin felt smoother, softer, and had a slight glow to it. The mask has tiny granules so you can gently exfoliate the skin when washing it off. Definitely recommend!'

- Emma H, Wake Skincare Customer

  • Reduces acne caused by blocked pores and dead skin.
  • Combat dull skin immediately and achieve that radiant glow.
  • Get a smooth complexion in just 15 minutes with natural exfoliants.
  • Protects the environment by using glass jars to reduce plastic waste.
  • Suitable for All Skin Types.

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Purifying maskWake Face Mask


Anti-Acne treatment that removes blackheads, reduces pores and restores your natural glow.

Combining the finest Australian clay with the best of British ingredients to provide you with world leading skincare products. Wake don’t limit themselves to one country! An easy and natural skincare option for anyone looking to deeply cleanse their skin or target specific concerns, like acne. Rich in powerful antioxidants that help to protect your skin's vitality. Contains 100% natural exfoliants to help to detoxify the skin, while drawing out impurities and oils. Sulphate, Paraben & Cruelty Free!

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I have suffered from adult acne for a while now and although the live acne has drastically improved, I am left with a lot of scarring. I've found that using this product 1-2 times a week is slowly reducing the appearance/redness of the scarring. It's also great for making your skin feel 'as good as new' when you want a pamper session or to give your skin a bit of a boost. It definitely draws out all the dirt in your skin and makes you feel super smooth and clean after!

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