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Customer -

I have suffered from adult acne for a while now and although the live acne has drastically improved, I am left with a lot of scarring. I've found that using this product 1-2 times a week is slowly reducing the appearance/redness of the scarring. It's also great for making your skin feel 'as good as new' when you want a pamper session or to give your skin a bit of a boost. It definitely draws out all the dirt in your skin and makes you feel super smooth and clean after!

Emma H

I noticed an improvement in my skin after the first use. I have sensitive skin and this worked well for me. My skin felt smoother, softer, and had a slight glow to it. The mask has tiny granules so you can gently exfoliate the skin when washing it off. It’s got a clear odourless scent as well which I love because you don’t smell any chemicals when applying it onto your face. The packaging is super cute and I like how both the jar and box are recyclable. Definitely recommend!

Rachel J

I like this product as it’s fragrance free meaning it doesn’t irritate my skin, I usually use the cheaper face masks but I wanted a good product and I can definitely see the difference! I love how it dries on your skin and it exfoliates when washing off, it’s amazing I’d recommend to anyone.

Amy M

LOVE the fact that this is unscented. It always leaves my skin feeling wonderful without any product being left behind. The most unique quality about this mask is the fact that once it’s done sitting on your face, it doubles as a delicate scrub which adds a whole new layer to your beauty routine. As per all Wake products, the packaging is exquisite. The matte glass container and minimalist text on it are eco-friendly as well as stylish. The heavyweight jar feels expensive despite the extremely reasonable price point, and I’m never not excited to use this product :)

Customer -

I absolutely love using this product! The face mask has definitely helped my skin. It leaves my skin very soft after washing it off which I love. I will be getting this product again! And I also have to mention the nice packaging this brand has!

Faieza -

I have been using this clay mask for the past few weeks and have seen a noticeable difference with the blackheads on my nose which have decreased. I have a lot of stubborn blackheads on my nose, so I'm relieved to have found something that actually helps my blackheads to naturally decrease.

Katie C

Such a good product! This product is very easy to use and effective. I have sensitive skin after being on roaccutane for a few months so have to be careful. However, this product didn’t irritate my skin one bit. It made my face feel very clean and fresh which is just what I want. I use this once a week and my skin is looking so alive at the moment. I would recommend this to anyone.

Sara -

Wow. I have tried so many other face masks/ creams but this is the only one that has helped me with acne and scarring. Well impressed. And definitely will recommend it to everyone!!

Paul G

As I am lucky enough to have clear skin, I can’t comment on whether it helps acne or not, but in a facemask what I look for is how it leaves my skin feeling. With the added exfoliated beads it has in it, my skin feels at its softest after using this, exfoliating beads is something I have never come across in a facemask so this was amazing!!