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Wake Skincare Wake Face Cream

'My new favourite face cream. Almost a whipped like texture, it's soft and light, and perfect for application. Just the perfect consistency so it leaves the face moisturised and not greasy. Not only does it tighten the skin leaving me looking fresher, but it's also fragrance free AND I massaged it into my scar and the scar has faded. I'm thrilled to bits with the cream!'

- Charlotte K, Wake Skincare Customer

  • Prevent premature signs of ageing.
  • Easily absorbed, lightweight texture.
  • Gentle and soothing.
  • Natural Vitamin E antioxidant.
  • Suitable for All skin types.

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Anti-Wrinkle CreamWake Face Cream


Wake Skincare is made 'for a generation connected', those who are constantly looking at screens and lead lives that can be stressful on their skin. Wake Skincare is popular amongst those who want to use natural products and shop more consciously. This product is lightweight, affordable and made from high quality ingredients.

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'Having used Wake’s Face Cream for a couple of weeks now, I’ve become a huge fan. Unlike a lot of other creams, Wake’s formula is light and refreshing. It feels cooling on the skin and absorbs quickly. With its subtle floral scent, there’s a sense of luxury about it, and my skin is smoother after only a few weeks use.'

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