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Anti Wrinkle Face Cream
Viola Anti Wrinkle Face Cream
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Jersey C I am using the vit c serum daily and the retinol serum at night. Do I use a moisturiser on top of retinol at night?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes once you have cleansed the face you can apply the serum then add your moisturiser after.
Jersey C Where is it made?
Jersey Beauty Company Good question. Here's Viola's official response to your question. 'We created and own the product. We manufacture in various facilities around the world.'
Jersey C Is this fragrance free I have very sensitive skin?
Jersey Beauty Company Violas' products are suitable for all skin types, but we always recommend use in moderation to allow the skin to adapt to the new skincare regime.
Jersey C Can you use this if you are pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company We wouldn’t recommend such strong ingredients during pregnancy.